Students pull out 5.525 kg sinking big sweet potato

  The space farm in Beijing is ushered in the big harvest.

Harvest 681 kg of sweet potatoes, and Chinese cabbage have harvested 300 kg. One of the net weights of the giant mallow potato reached kg. The students walked into vegetables and pulled out cabbage with dirt. When harvesting sweet potatoes, the powerful students will be cautious with the big shovel. I am afraid that the sweet potato is shoveed, and then wipe the soil of sweet potato surface, and everyone will work together. After the picking, the students transported the ingredients to the cafeteria, under the guidance of Master, dumplings, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed sweet potatoes … The kitchen became a classroom. The teacher also taught the skills of "stone grinding tofu". The students are surrounded by a circle and listen carefully. Li Haoran, a high school student, said that this "labor class" has benefited a lot, and finally hespeted the dumplings of his own hand, and he was very happy. As the minister of space farm, the high school students Liu Zhizhen said that the most glorious concept of labor should go deep into everyone’s heart.

  Beijing 12 Mid Space Farm is located in the top of the campus, covering an area of ??about 610 square meters, is a comprehensive practice education base for students.

  Jiang Yanfu, the 12th President, said that labor is the way to grow by the students. The school has maintained a comprehensive education of labor to morality, intensive, strong, and Yumei, and actively build a platform for students to build labor practices.

(Correspondent Zhao Zhan) (Original title: Twelve Medium Space Farm Big Harvest students unplug the kilogram of big sweet potato).