Medicated therapy four prescriptions

Medicated therapy four prescriptions

Sore sore eczema side: old people are weak in qi, often due to moisture and depression, and fever, scrotum or perianal eczema; may also cause hemorrhoids in bed for a long time.

The internal medicine is too long to be taken, and the local treatment is too inconvenient.

50 grams of cassia twig, 300 grams of purple diced diced, decoction to slag, 200 grams of vinegar, for a full body bath.

This side is also effective for senile skin itching.

  Beating injury: Old age eye and ear failure, squatting collapse, there may be a fall collision, and the blood stagnant after the injury is slow, resulting in body pain, available Sumu, pine knot 250 grams each, red peony, safflowerEach 60 grams, Chuanxiong, 40 grams each live, Jianshui bath.

When bathing, the liquid should be constantly warmed to enhance the penetration of the drug.

  Rheumatic pain side: Old people are susceptible to wind, cold and moisture, local or joint pain, and general malaise.

Can be used to live, live alone, five skins, angelica 80 grams each, Jianshui bath.

When bathing, the water temperature can be slightly higher, and the skin can endure.

  Cough and asthma: elderly chronic bronchitis and acute disease, a variety of common.

This disease is often repeated and aggravated by a cold.

The medicated bath method for internal treatment is effective.

Take ephedra, 30 grams of asarum, 50 grams of cassia twig, 100 grams of perilla, Jianshui bath.

Infirm people should not take bathing for too long, and avoid excessive sweating and other changes.

  When using the medicated bath method, please pay attention: once a day or every other day, 10-15 minutes each time; it is best to take a bath.

Prevent the liquid from entering the eyes, ears, nose and mouth during bathing. Because some of the bathing drugs are toxic (such as wolf’s poison), the boiling liquid and bathing utensils should be used exclusively. Do not wash after bathing to maintain the effect.

The liquid after sore and eczema should not be reused. Others can be used twice.