Mu Feiyan heard what he said,I won’t talk any more。

Although the dark monster like Bull Demon is powerful,But not invincible,The two giants added together,Although there is no level 40 master,It won’t be too bad,As long as they cooperate with each other,There is also a chance to kill the Bull Demon King。
A group of people heading north along the coastline,Through the dense jungle,Soon I came to the Cow Demon Temple。
Of course, Lu Menglin also remembers the map of the Cow Demon Temple,But when he actually saw the entrance of the real Cow Demon Temple with his own eyes,It is still inevitable to be amazed by this magnificent building in front of me。
The Bull Demon Temple was built underground,Only the entrance is on the ground,This entrance is made of boulders,Dome,It has a height of 17 or 8 meters,Majestic and majestic,As if connected to the underworld,The patterns on the boulders are full of a certain evil beauty。
Standing at the entrance of the temple,Lu Menglin couldn’t help feeling a little dazed。
An incredible feeling rose in my heart again,This exotic world,Whether it’s the great city of God’s nation,Or a nest of dark creatures,Why and《legend》The game is so similar?In the dark,What a huge force it is,Able to《legend》The world in the game is restored to the real thing in front of this scene.。
Are you in the virtual game world,Still in the real world?Lu Menglin couldn’t help but question again。
If it’s not for me《legend》All the memories of the game,If it’s not for me《legend》This game,I probably won’t doubt the reality of this foreign world at all,But these two completely different understandings,But split his spirit like a knife。
“what happened to you?”Mu Feiyan saw this hero of the lower realm in a daze again,And still staying at the entrance of the Cow Demon Temple,Can’t help but blurt out。
She didn’t mean anything else,I just don’t understand,What’s so good about this break?At least there is a beautiful view of the sea,Besides being taller, this broken door,The whole body is full of the rotten smell unique to the dark clan,The vast majority of people of the gods are extremely disgusted with this taste。
“Won’t you be scared??”A soldier from the Beigong family casually smiled。
He is Bei Gongwang’s cousin Bei Gongya,Just advanced to level 31,It’s when the spring breeze is proud,I don’t think so,So the words are harsh。
Bei Gong looked at his cousin faintly,Smiled:“Hugh is unreasonable。Hero Lu is our guest,He doesn’t know much about the Dark Clan,Hesitation is normal。”
“Lu Yingxiong,you do not need to worry,This is not the first time we have come to this bull devil temple,Quite sure。”Bei Gongwang said to Lu Menglin with a smile。
Lu Menglin was slightly startled,Suddenly thought of a very important question,Can’t help asking:“You have been here before?Kill the bull demon inside?”