Reached nine stars,At least within the scope of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, they are almost invincible.。According to Babata,The strength of the nine-star masters is close to the masters of the giant axe martial arts arena, winning a thousand games。Of course the duel space is in the virtual universe,There is absolutely no security problem。

Of course Li Ming、Hong and Lei Shen haven’t reached this point yet,Although it has the domain and is marked,So many powerful players are willing to make appointments,But after all, their time to enter the decisive battle space is too short。
Li Ming and Hong are both six stars now,And Thor is five stars。
However, Thor’s five stars were dropped after being defeated in the first battle.。
“Meditation room master?”Li Ming and the three are not surprised。The meditation room is a very private room,Many strong people rent a meditation room for a long time,These strong,Some are idle masters,More of them are masters of big forces。Babata told him earlier,With the strength of the three of them,And achieved good results in this duel arena,Some powerful organizations may recruit them。
After all, the three of them are in the ninth-level star、Constant star level has the field,And the record in the duel is also very good。
And not long ago,All three faced challenges from opponents who also wore standard white robes。If you encounter a well-matched master once in a while,Three people met at the same time,There is little chance of coincidence。
“Lead the way ahead。”Li Ming、flood、Thor three looked at each other,Got up and said。
quickly,The staff led the three to a meditation room。
“This is it。”The staff smiled and stood in front of the door,Knock gently。
“Come in。”A deep voice。
Door opened。
The staff salutes respectfully:“Mr,I have brought three guests to。”Then the staff retreated,And the three of Li Ming carefully looked at a very burly man who had already stood up in the meditation room.,Whole body blue and black,As if made of steel。