Red Carp Demon King!

Jade Blood Dragon!
Human Face Shark King!
Flame Thunder Dragon Whale!
Nine grievances ancient demon!
Nine Heavenly Demon Kings,Surrounding the six gods,Eleventh returns to the middle。
Although the fog has dissipated,But in fact the formation has not been broken。Fog is meant to overcome rigidity with softness,Now a lot of mist surrounds the nine demon kings—Especially gathering around the Mirage Dragon Demon King。
“really,Winter Yuxian Palace sent six gods to die。。。”
“The adults arranged it very well,If these humans are smarter and leave early,We can’t stop it,It’s a pity they hit our trap with one head。”
“Poor human race,Dead this time。”
“Humanity,Guess whether those eleven returnable immortals have our demon?”
Language,More than just swearing and satire,It’s more of a heart attack。
Especially the Nine Resentment Ancient Demon among the nine fairy kings,This unidentified immortal is good at stimulating the emotions of the enemy。
“Yaozu,Without further ado,Take the sword!”
Qingxu Jianxian sneered,The ice flying sword in his hand was crushed by glaciers and mountains。
However, the jade dragon among the nine monster kings smiled coldly,Although it is a god,But as a dragon of pure bloodline,His body is not inferior to the ordinary Void Demon。And as a descendant of the Cangjiao God,He even has a set of pure Yang magic weapon level armor。
Head-to-head,Pure Yang Sword not inferior to Qingxu Sword Fairy!
Fighting is not a one-on-one killing,Just when Qingxu Jianxian is facing the Jade Dragon,The fight broke out。
Li Ming has more strong people,The strength of the eleven rebirth theory is also distributed to the gods,But compared to the Demon King,But lacks the support of the formation。