14 young anti-aging foods for you

14 young anti-aging foods for you

According to research by scientists at home and abroad, some natural foods do have anti-aging and anti-aging effects, and the key to longevity is to eat regularly to make a difference.

  Honey “Anwu five, Yiqi Buzhong, Jiufu can be strong and light, longevity.”

Honey contains the energy glucose and fructose required for brain cell activity. It can be refreshed and refreshed, and it is strong and radiant.

  Sesame can “fill the five internal organs, benefit the strength, long muscles, fill the brain.”

Long service, light and not old.”

Sesame contains vitamin E, lecithin and other anti-aging substances, which can make the skin shiny and prolong life.

  Yogurt vitamin A, with enhanced immune function.

Yogurt also contains 8 acidic oligosaccharides, 5 neutral oligosaccharides, sialyllactose and lactose.

  Dried apricots and almonds “Huang Di Nei Jing Su Su” listed apricot as one of the five fruits, proposing “poisonous drugs to attack evil, grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for the right, five dishes for filling, smell and clothingTo replenish the essence and benefit.”

Always eat dried apricots, almonds can prolong life.

  Jujube has anti-aging and longevity effects.

  A special type of polyunsaturated fatty acid in fish that lowers blood lipids and inhibits platelet aggregation.

Therefore, eating fish can prevent cerebral thrombosis, stroke and myocardial infarction.

Fish also contain polymeric unsaturated fatty acids that prevent breast tumors, neurological migraine and coronary heart disease.

  Radish is a multi-functional medicine that has the function of promoting peristalsis and helping digestion.

Enzymes contained in radish can decompose nitrosamines and disable carcinogens.

It also contains bactericide, which can resist the invasion of the body by infectious diseases.

  Longan, also known as longan, contains glucose, protein, traces, vitamin A and vitamin B.

It has the function of nourishing blood and blood, calming and resisting aging, attending old and weak, lacking blood and brain, and losing mental power.

  Sea cucumber is typically high in protein and low in feces.

Sea cucumber contains gelatin toxicity, and also contains a lot of mucin, which has anti-aging and anti-aging effects.

“Materia Medica from the New” contains: “Bundle and kidney essence, aphrodisiac treatment.

“Eatly eat sea cucumber, can be bodybuilding, longevity.

  Ingredients in Walnut “Therapeutic Herbal Medicine”: “The uniform is awesome, the flesh is delicate and smooth, and it needs to be black and bloody.

“Eatly eaten walnuts can reduce serum insulin, prevent cardiovascular disease, and have good effects on urinary calculi and senile chronic bronchitis.

  Pine nuts “Herbal Herbal” contains: “Pine, wet stomach, long-wearing light body is not old.”

Modern medical research has found that pine nuts can lower blood lipid levels, prevent atherosclerosis, prevent dilatation or hemorrhagic encephalopathy, and have anti-aging and longevity effects.

  The juice made from mulberry juice with mulberry is rich in vitamin E, C, and trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus. It has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, and it can prevent arteriosclerosis.

  Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements, and contain more than 30 kinds of enzymes and 18 kinds of amino acids, nucleic acids and so on.

It can inhibit the increase of cholesterol in serum and liver, prevent atherosclerosis and lower blood pressure.

There is also an interferon inducer that induces the body to produce an interferon that interferes with the virus, thereby improving the body’s immunity.

  Black fungus has the effect of moisturizing and strengthening, clearing the lungs and replenishing qi, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, and clearing the stomach and intestines.

It is very beneficial for patients with rich protein, carbohydrates, various vitamins, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.