Investors in science and technology board need to prevent ride-sharing to sell original stock scam

Investors in science and technology board need to prevent ride-sharing to sell “original stock” scam
The stock market advises that “original stocks” that ordinary investors can easily obtain are estimated to be scams, and investors should stay away from them.  With the official release of the “Administrative Measures for the Registration of Science and Technology Board’s Initial Public Offerings (Trial)” and the “Continuous Supervision Measures for Listed Companies on the Scientific and Technological Board (Trial)” on the evening of March 1, and the introduction of 6 rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange,The rules and regulations of the board have all been completed.Since then, the science and technology board has entered the “open door to welcome customers” stage: on the one hand, investors open accounts, and on the other hand, companies that intend to list submit IPO applications.  With the increasing enthusiasm of the market for science and technology board, some companies that were originally going to go overseas for listing have also started to turn their attention to science and technology board, even Ant Financial is no exception.A member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, who asked not to be named, said on March 11 that Ant Financial, which is an investment, is preparing the science and technology board.First of all, Ant Financial said: Science and technology board is a major institutional innovation in China’s capital market. Ant Financial, as a company’s innovative technology company, has been paying close attention.However, attention does not mean that preparation is in progress, and there is currently no timetable for listing.  Although Ant Financial does not have a listing timetable, and many other companies do not have a listing timetable, this does not prevent some companies from replacing the enthusiasm for the technology innovation board.According to relevant media reports, some companies want to take a ride on the science and technology board, or raise their financing estimates, or raise it, or even design “original stock” scams.In the face of the behavior of some companies in the area of science and technology innovation, especially in the design of “original stock” scams, investors must keep their eyes open and be deceived.  First of all, there are conditions for companies to list on the science and technology board.Although the science and technology board allows companies to be listed, in general, the conditions for listing are not low, and not any company can go public if it wants to go public.For example, the science and technology board has set five major listing conditions. For the listing of profitable companies, the requirements of the science and technology board are that the expected market value is not less than 1 billion U.S. dollars, and the net profit in the past two years has replaced positive and progressive net profits of not more than 50 million yuan;Or it is estimated that the market value is not less than 1 billion US dollars, the net profit in the last year is positive and the operating income is not less than 100 million yuan.The requirements for companies that want to go public are: the estimated market value is not less than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, the operating income in the most recent year does not exceed 200 million U.S. dollars, and the cumulative development investment in the last three years accounts for not less than 15% of the cumulative revenue in the last three years; Or it is expected that the market value is not less than US $ 2 billion, the revenue in the most recent year is not less than US $ 300 million, and the net cash flow generated from operating activities in the last three years gradually does not exceed 100 billion.Obtaining such a requirement is obviously not an easy task.Because of this, investors should never buy so-called “original stocks” lightly.Once it cannot be listed, the “original stocks” will become worse than “papyrus”.  Essentially, “primitive stocks” are not something that any company can issue indiscriminately.According to regulations, an enterprise’s public offering of shares must be approved by a statutory authority (CSRC).Any unauthorized public or disguised public issuance of securities without the approval of a statutory authority is illegal and part of the “order to stop issuing”.Based on this judgment, the “original shares” that are being peddled on the Internet or in the market are likely to be “illegal offerings”, and investors do not need to take risks.  Third, some “primitive stocks” appear under the guise of “internal employee shares”. Such “primitive stocks” are even more suspicious.Now that you know the company is going to be on the science and technology board, why should internal employees transfer the 天津夜网 “original shares” at a low price?After all, once the company is listed, the wealth effect of the “original stock” is correct, and it can be described as “rich overnight”.Don’t let such “profiteering” happen, but it will become “original stock” to be transferred out in advance, regardless of whether the disposal of this transfer is legal. Is it true that employees of the company are stupid?Therefore, investors must pay more attention to this kind of so-called “original stock”.  To prevent being deceived, investors also need to make an objective and fair evaluation of themselves.The listing of a company means that the shareholders of the “original stock” are getting rich.Behind the “original stocks”, there is usually a huge power struggle. It is difficult for ordinary people to get “original stocks”. Even with the use of power, what they can get may not be real “original stocks.”What virtues can ordinary investors have to buy “original stocks”?In the context of the strength of the overall venture capital institutions, let alone the “original stocks” of the companies to be listed, the “original stocks” of those companies with good development prospects, and not easily available to ordinary investors.Because of this, it is estimated that about ninety-nine percent of the “original stocks” that ordinary investors can easily get are scams, and investors are still far from the top.  For ordinary investors, don’t have blind illusions about “original stocks”.After the establishment of the science and technology board, investors can actively participate in the “new” of the science and technology board. Once you are lucky, this is the actual “original stock” you can get.This may be the only correct way for ordinary investors to obtain the “original shares” of science and technology board enterprises.  □ Pi Haizhou (financial commentator)