Wu Luo is not the first time,I have also introduced my relatives and friends.,Either Jinyu has a three-dimensional;Either it is awkward of her criminal group leader,Only Ino does not dare to open the cavity;Either because of a few years of ocean fast food,Self-optimism。

In short,No one makes her satisfied。
by the way,The one who heard her identity,Should be too suspicious and reveal,I was arrested by her hand.。
Liao Wenjie is different.,The first time and this level of handsome dating,Wu Luozhen is very nervous,Right, where is it wrong?。
Given the previous experience,She is not fine to talk about her work,I am afraid of scaring Liao Wenjie.。When you drink a drink, you will change it.,Pick up a small mouth of a small mouth,Tropic to show your own quiet side。
Card holder silence,Liao Wenjie thought a few topics,They have been chatted with the most simple language,I have to drink drinks now.,While going back with polite, elegant smile。
He laughs,Opposite,He doesn’t talk,I don’t talk opposite.,I have been staring at him.。
The scene is not a general embarrassment。
Most let Liao Wenjie speechless,I feel awkward,Wu Luozhen did not detect the atmosphere of the fight。
There is such a wonderful woman in the world.!
Liao Wenjie feels thousands,Two people,I have never experienced such a bad date.,Lift your head and play the secret,Call Zhou Xingxing to save。
actually,Liao Wenjie has many ways to resolve the embarrassment,Such as a meal,Both parties enter the side of the chat。
But he worried that this meal was eaten.,And watch Wu Luo’s expression,I am afraid I have been full of handsome.。If you eat,Don’t move the chopsticks,I have been staring at him.
Think about it is uncomfortable。
Say a few times in a row,Big brother is too late to move,Liao Wenjie dark Zhou Xingxing is not reliable,I have to apologize to say to a toilet.。
Unexpectedly, you can get a speed into the bathroom,Liao Wenjie quickly called Zhou Xingxing in the compartment to get the number,Three times,Aware that I was cheated。
“Damn,I don’t let me catch me.!”
Liao Wenjie,Transfer to Cao Dahua,Let Cao Dada have come back later in five minutes.,Justice,But must be 100,000 fire,It’s so good that he immediately takes out。
the other side,Wu Luo Wei to send Liao Wenjie to the back of the bathroom,I consciously don’t fake this evening.,It’s the most satisfying time for each blind date.。
At this time,One hand swayed in front of her。
“stop looking,The soul is hooked away.。”拍 档 丽莫里斯 嘲 一,Sitting opposite Wu Luo。
“Hey,What are you doing?,I haven’t tapped yet.!”
I will know this.,Not just Liao Wenjie is ready,Wu Luoi also found a teammate。
“I don’t want to,I can’t see it.。”
Morris,No-speechless:“Do you know how bad it is?,If I am him,Now I am definitely planning to escape.。”
“impossible,We are very happy to talk!”
“Then you tell me,What do you talk??”
“At once,At once”
Wu Luoi recalls a moment,This is aware of the situation.,She stared at the handsome face of Liao Wenjie.,I really didn’t talk about nutrition topics.。
“what to do,I seem to have more。”
“Don’t worry,Your Huaxia has a sentence called female chasing male compartment yarn.,As long as you don’t want your face,Because of the pursuit, you will definitely get your hand.。”
You don’t want your face.!
Wu Luozhen over white eyes,Don’t want to pick up this topic。
“Besides,I just watched it carefully.,That little boys are very good,If you give up,Be sure to tell,I am very interested in him.。”