“No matter who it is,Dare to move you,I won’t let them go!”

Chapter 97: Be Thorough
at the same time,In fact, for the moment,Such a thing,What exactly needs to be done,There is no doubt about it。
And looking at these,place it here。
Actually, Meng Tan was very worried about these things。
“If you let Wang Teng know,We all can’t eat it。”
“But now,In that case,Then this matter,Let’s do it thoroughly!”
When Meng Tan’s eyes moved slightly,Directly in front of you,I didn’t forget to speak to this side。
And with Meng Tan’s words finished,The people around are watching。
In fact, it looks like these people,In their hearts,See it this way。
But these people think,Since it’s so consuming now,Then I won’t say anything else for now。
Get ready,Block all roads directly,Are you still worried that it can’t be solved??
“in fact,If you really say that,Start now,We can do it thoroughly。”
“I think so too,Like the boss said,We completely take the initiative,And worry about what they do?”
“In short,We have nothing to be afraid of。”
slowly,In front of these people,One after another, looking towards this side。
After all, from now on,These things,Actually speaking,It’s almost solved。