Patriarch Qingyun was seriously injured on the spot,Blood spray。
Just when Patriarch Qingyun thought that he could not bear the remaining attacks of Chen Xiu,Chen Xiu’s body is like a frustrated balloon,Slowly returned to normal。
Chen Xiu’s face is pale,Panting,He never expected,My current cultivation base is simply not enough to support the Witch Clan’s golden body,Just one punch has consumed all my true energy。
Can’t care about so much anymore,I grabbed a knife from the space bag and stuffed it into the drunk,The body shape turned into a gray light to escape quickly。
“I……I’m not dead……”
Patriarch Qingyun is silent in the joy of the rest of his life,Suddenly Chen Xiu escaped。
“Yes,This kid is forcibly improving his strength,His own body cannot bear it!”
“Can’t let him go!”
“Must kill him now,His talent is too evil,Let him grow like this will cause endless trouble!”
Patriarch Qingyun still got a pill in his mouth,Vomited up with my own blood,Chase after Chen Xiu。