The car is some distance away from Fushan County,Although the two of them were chatting with each other,But Li Tianchou was very sensitive about Wu Fang’s emotional problems.,There is a sense of unspeakable strangeness。Think about it,This feeling doesn’t come from the moment you get in the car,Maybe it was the emotional suppression after the other party answered Yuan Hua’s phone.,So that I have such an experience。

Yuan Hua’s new discovery is related to Xie Man,May be involved in drug dealing,So the two decided to leave immediately。It is said that the excitement is because of me,Wu Fang’s performance is confusing,Did something happen to Yuan Hua??Li Tianchou looked at the roadside scenery and speculated wildly。
“What do you want?”Wu Fang glanced at Li Tianchou obliquely。
“Nothing。I’m thinking that Yuan Hua is really capable,Such a hidden and cunning thing can be stepped on by him?Worthy of tracking professional accounts。”Li Tianchou turned his head and quietly observed the other party。
Wu Fang smiled,“So don’t underestimate him,I took a lot of thought to get him。It’s just a bit bad,Uncles。But people are reliable,Have been with me for several years。”
Li Tianchou nodded,Agree with Wu Fang’s statement,But I didn’t see any abnormality in the other party’s emotions,So there shouldn’t be any problems with Yuan Hua。Is it another brother who helped a lot a while ago??He pondered in his mind for a long time,A little confused,Simply adjusted my sitting posture,Don’t think about it anymore。
But just squinted and sat down,Yuan Hua’s meticulous image of separate heads appeared in his mind again and again,Lingering,As if I could still smell a hint of perfume。Surprised,Li Tianchou involuntarily recalled the few contacts with the other party,The character of this guy always feels weird,Seems to be slightly neutral,And extremely careful,Not so easy to get along with。But Yuan Hua’s role is as prominent as his character,Must not underestimate,Even critical in special circumstances,Li Tianchou secretly considered,I will slowly adjust my attitude towards him in the future。
“Why is there no sound again?”
Li Tianchou gasped,“A little sleepy,Want to squint for a while。Wait till Yunshan is so energetic。”
“Nonsense,What sleep,Talk to me。Oh shit,I have to drive for more than three hours。”Wu Fang complained,At this time the look seems to be back to normal。
“What are you talking about?Yunshan’s situation is unknown,I’d better get some energy back。I will be able to save you。”
Wu Fang stared,“Pull it,I still need you to save?Just like that,I won’t pay attention to ten or eight。oldAIt’s almost the same in person,If it’s like Zhang Zhiqiang’s type, it’s particularly flavorful。”
Li Tianchou’s heart moved,“Do you have a high opinion of Zhang Zhiqiang?”
“He is my brother,Of course not ordinary。The person who came out of the instructor,Very unusual。”
“Ha ha,Except you?”Li Tianchou made a joke。
Wu Fang was not angry,On the contrary,“Don’t you say,I might be the worst。”
“Did you ever inquire about your brother??”
“How not,Damn it’s like the world has evaporated,But I always feel that he is still in China,Maybe it’s near us,It’s not impossible。”