Because of the fire,Li Yun felt the pressure of the boy,He was now excluded from the circle of action,It’s impossible to have no grievances,Unexpectedly, there is no explanation,Make Liyun more embarrassed and passive,Under this Cuiwei Peak, select available people from prisoners of war,Something like a chicken rib,It’s dull to do or not。

“Can’t say that,Those hundred elites are the most precious treasure of my Five Elements Island,Represents the future and hope,Today’s battle,How many can survive?”
“Since Elder Jin is so unoptimistic,Why not unite with other elders to oppose?”
“Ha ha,This boy ghost,Discussing countermeasures and marching is like a rogue,Don’t give you a chance to speak,He is the lord of the palace,How much I wait depends on Elder Qi’s face,Can’t fight him。”
“Old Qi is dead,Why look at his face?”
“The Holy Fire Hall is the head of the five halls,Although old man Qi has a hot temper,,But still cautious,Although the five of us do not regard him as the leader,But at least respect is required,He also opposed the little guy’s mischief,But the inner care is even more,Anyone with a discerning eye can see it。”
“Humph。”Li Yun snorted heavily,He looked up and drank the tea in the cup,More than bitter,No more fragrance,So I was very annoyed and threw the tea cup away。
“Drinking tea,Why are you angry?”Elder Jin’s words didn’t stop him from leaving Yun,Putting down the tea cup angrily and about to get up,But I noticed a person suddenly turned out from behind the huge rock not far away,It is the elder。
“War is coming,Elder Jin will enjoy it。”
“When did the old credit arrive?Why not have a drink together in the dark?”
“How do you talk is getting worse?I am coming,Why hide in the dark?”
“just kidding,Why be serious?”Elder Jin laughed,Don’t be true to each other,I can’t quarrel anyway,Quickly replaced the tea cup,Pour full fragrant tea。
Cuiwei Peak suddenly became lively today,More or less with Liyun、Related to the Fire Brothers,Go out to beat the house,Seemingly nonsense,In fact, it contains a great danger,The young people also take this action very seriously,But I excluded Liyun without warning,All the elders were surprised,Savor carefully,Realize that something is hidden here。
Elder Qi just left with an angry front foot,Elder Jin came to invite Liyun to drink tea,Bring your own tea set and tea,But didn’t ask why,Liyun but inexplicably angry and left,Unexpectedly, I want to credit the elders again,The elders are like revolving lanterns,Even if I think that Liyun is not alert,Also bored。