but,The shooting accuracy of the ground forces is very high,These nights Korean soldiers are assisted by the intelligent aiming system that comes with the electromagnetic gun,Everyone is a sharpshooter,Kill the bees that slip through the net one by one。

The soldiers of the 19th Battalion continued to advance to the field occupied by the swarm,Behind them are bee corpses all over the ground,And the light pattern equipment exploded after being blown up。
“what are these?”The soldiers of the 19th Battalion discovered this strange scene,When those bees were blown up,Some unexpected things will come out。
Looks like a weapon,But it is a very primitive cold weapon,What kind of knives and guns?。
and,Based on their knowledge structure,I don’t even understand why this phenomenon occurs,Where did those things come from?Can’t be hidden in those bees,Then,Where did the equipment come from??
The commander of the 19th Battalion in his team noticed this detail.,He faintly understands,Why is the core area interested in these alien creatures,If you look at it from a scientific point of view,The body of these organisms,May have a big secret,Secrets about space。
then,The soldiers of the 19th Battalion killed more vigorously,Among their infantry,Another fifty people,Specially responsible for picking up the equipment exploded by bees。
The situation seems to be one-sided,The attacked dark bee swarm was hit hard,The rest of the swarm is more restless。
Underground in this desert,Has been hollowed out by the Dark Venom,Built a football field the size of,Five-story giant honeycomb。
If you follow the normal rhythm,This dark poisonous bee colony was completed after the construction of the giant hive,Will release a lot of red mist,Then open the space channel,Turn this plane into a paradise for the dark race。
This is the mission of every dark race,They have the power to travel through space,To find a bigger living space for the dark race。
but,This sudden war,Disrupted the expansion rhythm of the Dark Bee Swarm。
With the constant loss of adult venomous bees,The dark queen in the underground giant hive also became more and more manic。
She has a huge body,It’s as long as a bus,For fertility,The armor on the body has long degenerated into bloated fat,Its originally strong limbs are already overwhelmed,Her only fighting power is fertility,Keep giving birth to a large number of bees,protect yourself。
Every dark poisonous bee on the ground battlefield,Both have some kind of spiritual connection with the queen bee mother,They keep falling,Make the mother feel great danger,It wants to get out of this predicament,But in front of this group of opponents I have never seen before,Looks so unbearable,Helpless。
at this time,An unremarkable dark poisonous bee quietly approached the queen bee mother,Inch by inch,Move carefully。
at last,It successfully moved to the head of the queen bee mother,When its tail needle suddenly pops out,When stabbing the queen bee,The queen bee mother who responded too slowly,Even thinking hard,Why is there a bee and bug that does not establish a spiritual connection with itself。
Is it,It was not born by itself?There are other bees around here?
I didn’t wait for the queen bee to understand this question,Its spirit and consciousness,Were hit hard in an instant,Turned into a blank。
Followed by,The mother queen bee seems to have been unbearably stimulated,There was a terrifying howl。