Sitting on the ground, Ding Sheng couldn’t argue,Some regret,My own impulse makes things bad。

Suddenly there was a force that pulled Ding Sheng up,Ding Sheng is still wondering,A familiar voice suddenly sounded in my ear。
“Brother Ding,You tell my life,not like this…”
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Four Old friend2
Ding Sheng sat on the ground,I wonder when I haven’t used it like this?But the facts are as clear as a mountain,In front of myself。
Facing the people around you,Ding Sheng wanted to find a place to hide,Fear of shame,But Ding Sheng suddenly discovered,I don’t have the strength to get up。
Some don’t understand,Why is he the victim of arbitrary charges,But now it has become a target。
Wang Youwei sternly looked at Ding Sheng who fell on the ground,There is a hint of smug in the corner of the mouth。
This world now,Who is on the moral high ground,Whoever will win。My own words,People who believe that they don’t know the truth already know which is right and wrong,Enjoying the admiration of the colleagues around you,How can Wang Youwei be unhappy??
As for the people around,After all, the masses,Give them a melon to eat,Enough for them to chew for a long time!
Ding Sheng sat on the ground,At first,There is still a little unconvinced in the eyes,Only later,I accepted my fate。Pointing around,It reminded Ding Sheng of the words that the recruits used to complain about,I love my country and people with my life,But who will love me?
When I was an instructor of the special brigade,,Ding Sheng doesn’t think he is special;When being betrayed by a traitor on the battlefield,Ding Sheng doesn’t think he has any complaints;Then all my comrades died,I also lost an arm,Ding Sheng still feels no regrets or regrets。It’s just that Ding Sheng has some doubts today,The prosperous Taiping that I and more people desperately protect,Is it really worth?
Shook his head and smiled,Everything seems less important,I want to get up and pick up my arm,future life,This thing is indispensable。