Someone will5000The quotation of tons increased suddenly50%,are you crazy?This is definitely not for the normal market!

Is it because someone is deliberately sending bad news,Snapped up those gold for some purpose?
Or he responded to Michelle’s warning,that5000Tons of gold are really problematic,The Arrow Sakura organization can’t wait to let Qiao Tianyu take over?
Qiao Tianyu was a little unsure of what happened?,He wanted Michelle to help him investigate first,And then consider the long-term,Lest you fall into the trap of others。
But at this moment Keiko was too anxious,She saw that Qiao Tianyu did not move,Just stand up and pull Qiao Tianyu out,“Let’s go quickly,Otherwise it’s too late!”
Seeing Keiko in a hurry,Qiao Tianyu even whispered,The emperor is not in a hurry,It’s even more wrong if Keiko is so anxious.?
Just when Qiao Tianyu was considering the reasons for delaying time,Holding down Keiko’s critical moment,Michelle’s phone call suddenly started。
I saw it was Michelle’s call,Qiao Tianyu is overjoyed,God helps me too,Zhengshou don’t know what to do。
“Michelle,what happened?”Qiao Tianyu seems to have seen a savior,Quickly connected。
“Joe,Oh no,I just got news from the KGB,Prince Mahmoud and Prince Harita have just been escorted into a gunship helicopter of the Saudi Intelligence Agency,Left Dubai!”Michelle said quickly。
“what?”Qiao Tianyu stood up in shock,Asked quickly,“Where did they go?”
“Look at the direction of the gunship,It should be Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia!”Michelle quickly replied。
“broken!Something big!”
Qiao Tianyu’s most worried thing finally happened,It seems that this time Prince Rahul is going to kill Prince Mahmoud and his son.!