“You never asked before。”

“Can it be the same now as before?”Gan Yifan stared。
The monster stared,“Of course it’s different now,I used to call wind and rain,omnipotent,I am what you see now。You have to ask why,That’s too long,Too much,To sum up in one sentence,Reiki changes。”
Gan Yifan was dumbfounded,What he said is different refers to having experienced so many things,Of course you have to ask what you didn’t ask before,But the response from the monster to him is another level。
Paused for a while,Gan Yifan is not sure:“You mean to say,I used to have a lot of aura,You are real dragon,Lack of aura now,You become ugly。If the aura returns to the way it was before,You can become a real dragon?”
“Who is ugly?My personality,unique。”
Gan Yifan punched it,“Be serious,Serious。”
The monster spit on his face,Say:“You have an aesthetic problem,But your judgment is basically correct。”
“But everyone saw real dragons,You look like you lift off,No one can tell?”
“That you are too tender,Repair base too low,Know too little,Wait until you reach a certain level in the future,Will understand that this is just a simple change。”

First185chapter:So don’t say anything
“Simple change?”Gan Yifan doesn’t believe much,But did not ask,Pointed towards the stone house,Say:“Xu Wan is inside,When she had an accident,Did you rescue secretly?”
“This question should not be asked,Who can save her except me。”
“There were others who were swept away by sandworms,Since you save people,Why didn’t we save them all together??”
The monster is surprised,“I don’t even know them,Why save?Xu Wan was saved because she was home,Helped you,And you treat her as a friend,What do other people do to you?What to do with me?”