Xia Jian glanced at Xia Sanhu and said:“Drink by yourself, This is too hot,Even a few people can drink together“

Xia Jian’s words haven’t finished,The phone in my pocket bounced,Then it rang。It’s rare to have such a good time,Xia Jian frowned and took out his phone to take a look,Seeing Ouyang Hong came here,He still doesn’t answer。
“Mayor Ouyang!looking for me?“One call,Xia Jian asked straightforwardly。
Ouyang Hong on the phone was taken aback and said:“Did I disturb you??”She might have heard Xia Jian’s dissatisfaction。
Xia Jian hurriedly smiled:“I was drinking tins of tea with them in Xiping Village?What can bother me,Or you too?“
First0925chapter Beautiful Mayor Secretly Helps
There are some things in the world,Really unique。
Ouyang Hong and Hu Huiru have tea some night,But two people are not speculative。What does Ouyang Hong do,She had already heard what Hu Huiru meant,She wants to invest in real estate in Pingdu。This matter really doesn’t belong to her,She can really handle things like this。
So this tea was a mess,Nine o’clock a day,Ouyang Hong found an excuse and left。But after coming back,She thought about it,Hu Huiru came to her through Wang Youdao,Explain that this woman wants to invest in Pingdu,No matter which one she invests,I have to let Xia Jian know!
So she called Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to go to Xiping Village,fair enough,Talking in Xiping Village is easier than talking in the city,At least not so many eyes。
Ouyang Hong took a taxi,A little over ten o’clock,And I went to the Xiping Village Committee,Xia Jian and the others were still drinking tea when she came。Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are people of interest,Seeing Ouyang Hong is here,Found an excuse to leave。
Zhao Hong poured a cup of warm sugar tea for Ouyang Hong。Ouyang Hong took a sip,Can’t help but praise:“So delicious,Also warm,Have such good craftsmanship,Do Lulu“
“Mayor Ouyang,Are you going to talk about things,Then let me avoid it“Zhao Hong said,Stood up。These people are smarter than the other。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Ok!Please watch it at the top of the stairs,I am just two words,But this is more important,Ordinary people can’t listen“Zhao Hong nodded,Closed the door and went out。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being taken aback,What is so important?And let Ouyang Hong run from the city to Xiping Village,He couldn’t help but his face became heavy。
“Is such that,There is a woman boss named Hu Huiru,She is the general manager of Dongsheng Group。She was introduced by Wang Youdao,Want to invest in Pingdu,Listening very hard,So I have to let you know about this first“Ouyang Hong glanced out the window,Go straight to the topic。