Xia Jian walked to the iron gate,Lightly push,The iron door squeaked open,Sister Ju in a pajamas is lying on a wicker chair in the yard to enjoy the cool,Hear the door open,She sat up alertly,Asked loudly:“Who?”

“Sister Ju is me,Find me quickly150Yuan Qian”Xia Jian stood at the door and said loudly。He doesn’t want to leave the driver’s sight,So as not to worry others,Unnecessarily misunderstood him。
Sister Ju was anxious,Ran over with bare feet,She laughed:“What’s wrong with you?Why do you want150yuan?Hurry up?”
“Damn!You go get it!The driver is still waiting!”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Sister Ju glanced outside the gate,Saw a taxi parked on the side of the road,Then ran into the house,Took out one or two thousand yuan,I forced it into Xia Jian’s hands and said:“Hold,Not enough to speak”
Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,He took the money,Rushed over and gave the driver two hundred yuan,The driver has to give him change,But Xia Jian refused。The driver said gratefully:“Thank you!”Then I drove away。
When Xia Jian turns around,I found Jie Ju was standing behind him。Sister Ju asked with a smile on her face:“What the hell happened,Can’t you tell me?”
Xia Jian pulled sister Ju,said laughingly:“Go back to the house,This is standing on the main road,What’s to say“
“Ha ha!that’s true!Look at me,I forgot everything in a hurry。it is good!Let’s go back to the house“Sister Ju said,Gave Xia Jian to the front。Enter the big iron gate,After Sister Ju came in,Bang,The iron door has been locked from the inside。
Xia Jian walked inside,While asking:“Are you alone, sister Ju?“
“Hi!I must be alone,This broken house is so hot,Children don’t want to come,I am alone,For the convenience of working here“Sister Ju said,Gave a long yawn。I can see that she seems very tired。
Inside the house,Sister Ju hurriedly turned on the fan in the room,She looked at Xia Jian from top to bottom and asked:“What’s the matter with you,Can you tell me“
Xia Jian let out a long breath,Then he told Sister Ju in detail about his experience。Sometimes,If people have too many things in their hearts,Must pour out some,Otherwise it will be uncomfortable。
Once Sister Ju listened,Can’t help but scold:“What shit company,still isGZListed company,Can’t even guarantee the safety of one person,Who wants to stay where。Or else,You go to the sports car with sister tomorrow,Anyway, I want to be free and happy“
“what!You start a sports car again?What a shame for such a big beauty“Seeing Jie Ju looked a little unhappy,Xia Jian couldn’t help making a joke。