Lu Menglin leaned down,Shen Sheng:“Who instigated you?”

“Do you think i will tell you?I am Tuoba E,I don’t mean sin,Because i’m sin!”Tuoba Evil laughed desperately。
Chubby frowned,Stepped heavily on his lower body,“Say!”
Tuoba evil grinning,As if there is no pain,Growl:“come!keep going!I’m so happy!”
There is a madness in this perverted eyes,Look at his enjoyment,Maybe he is a masochist,Physical injury has little effect on him。
Just when Fat Dun was about to continue his torture,Noisy voices came from all around。
First I got a head from the fire escape,Then people came out one by one。
The elevator doors are also open,A group of people rushed out of the elevator,Looking at the mess in the corridor,Have been speechless。
These people here are obviously plainclothes police officers on Hong Kong Island,Which is a member of the serious crime team in the Hong Kong drama。
They saw this scene in the corridor,Immediately draw the gun instinctively,Aimed at Lu Menglin and his party。
It’s time for Chen Jiannan to stand up and speak,So he immediately raised his hands,Speak loudly:“I am Chen Jiannan, Legendary Pictures,The man on the ground is Tuoba E,We have caught him。”
“what?Tuoba E was captured alive?”The policemen who heard this all opened their eyes,I can’t believe what I heard。
Rampant throughout Southeast Asia,Tuoba Ei, who caused the two forces of black and white to be extremely troubled, was actually arrested?
This,How can this be?Tuoba E was knocked to the ground by these three bare-handed youngsters.?What are we people??Background wall??
Just downstairs,It takes all my energy to catch a poor ghost,Don’t know this
In a blink of an eye,Tuoba E was captured upstairs?
The police are a little confused,I don’t know what to do for a while。
Lu Menglin sees it,Shook his head,Smiled:“I am Lu Menglin,This person on the ground is 90% sure that he is Tuoba evil,Are you planning to hand people over to me?”
I heard the three words Lu Menglin,The police officers of the serious crime team just woke up like a dream,Feeling back to reality from dream,And a great sense of happiness。