Spring cold material sharp prevention to prevent the elderly from dying

Spring cold material sharp prevention to prevent the elderly from dying

[Introduction]Yan Donggang just passed, the spring cold is steep, the cold current is invading southern Guangdong, and the lowest temperature in the city for several days is below 10 °C.

The cold wind is mixed with drizzle, making people feel extremely cold.

The old man must be prevented from dying.

  Due to cold stimulation, coronary artery rupture, contraction and occlusion, blood circulation is blocked, blood flow is interrupted, blood oxygen supply is difficult, and partial myocardial necrosis occurs due to rapid, persistent expansion and hypoxia.Old people with high blood pressure or coronary heart disease are prone to sudden myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac arrest.

  The first aid died in gold for 4 minutes.

One minute per stop, the patient’s survival will be greatly reduced, and death will rise straight.

Therefore, the most important method of first aid is the first aid survival chain.

That is, early access, early free-hand cardiopulmonary resuscitation, early ECG defibrillation, and early advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The first three locations were completed on-site outside the hospital, and the doctor could only complete the first transfer of first aid in the hospital.

Timely and effective implementation of in-situ cardiopulmonary resuscitation to patients has saved a good foundation for saving the lives of patients.

The success rate of patient rescue is high.

  Chinese medicine cloud: “Spring can not be cold, cold will hurt the lungs.”

The elderly should pay special attention to cold protection, cold protection and warmth.

Increase or decrease clothes as the weather changes and the system conditions.

In order to reduce cardiovascular irritation, you should quit smoking, drink less alcohol, drink more water, do not eat spicy and thick food, maintain a good life, combine work and rest, ensure sleep and rest, reduce stress, strengthen physical exercise, and improve the body.Disease resistance.

Elderly people with coronary heart disease or high blood pressure should pay attention to diet and medication, which is very helpful in preventing sudden death.