But a man,Look at that thing,It is indeed very embarrassing。

“Uncle, you don’t feel,We are also for your health check for your health.,Check the results are very good,do not worry。”Zhou Ye,Check out,Always better than checking?。
Li He Yun is still a bit angry,After all, I was looked at the dragon.……root!
So he muttered a few words:“Really,I have already said no problem.,Not to see。”
Chen Riyuan laughed directly:“Okay,that……Old black,Don’t be angry,This doctor checked,Just as you get sick,It must be done,Understand each other。”
Since Sun Jun called the first sentence,The old black suddenly became the code of Li Hao Yun.,Everyone is called very smooth.。
Li He Yun said his mouth:“I am newGAdmission,I didn’t expect to meet four doctors.,Hard to give me an outward,From small to large,No one dares to give me an external number!”
He finished,I have a lot of people in an instant.,Even Li Heyun himselftHave a laugh!
What is this?,A patient,There is more“Old black”Outer number,If you live for a few months,estimate“Grandfather”Can be called export。
Jokes,In fact, Li Hao Yun and the department doctors are still better.。
Isolated in the ward,I can’t see what my wife is.,A person is actually very bored,So a few doctors chat with themselves,In fact, I feel very good.。
Occasionally enjoyable,Life will not lose your fun.。
Check room,Zhou Ye is still going to open a doctor as in the past。
Finish medical advice,Write a way of writing,Wuhan anti-optics is far without what he imagined。
Of course, it may be possible because he is the second batch of supporters.,It is on the way to the former.,So just drive。
It is important to know that the real epidemic peak moment later.,At that time, there was no complete guide.,In addition to fear, it is fear in addition to fear.。
This is also grateful to the first batch of doctors who support Wuhan.……
The former people planted the trees, and people took cold.。
“Xiao I remember to open a consultation,Please visit the doctor to come over and see it.,See if there is any infectious disease in the bottom。”Sun Jun sits in the chair and tightened,Then we have to make a chest and abdomenCT,See if there is any change。
Patients now breathe some urgent,Sun Jun is a little worried about pneumonia.。
Zhou Ye“Um”A sentence。
Anyway, he is a laborious labor force.,I am used to it.。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu studied another change of antibiotics.,Although the course of treatment is not,But white blood cells become higher,Have reason to replace antibiotics。
Today’s Day Yuan,Tomorrow, I went to Wusian.。
One day, it’s the fast end.,Zhou Niwu left the office before leaving the office,Some dare not go。
Because now Chen Riyuan doctor is still unskilled。
“Chen Shu,If I leave, I will help you not.。”
Zhou Ye is finally left。
Exactly in the evening of the doctor will come over the consultation,He is also very curious about the cause of Li He Yun.。
But perhaps the possibility of Zhou Ye really with disasters……
He is so good to follow Chen Riyuan on duty,Results The medical doctor consultation has not been to see,Li Black Cloud changed the condition on the night.……
“How’s it going?How is people??Is it still not enough??”Zhou Ye shouted with Li He Yun, who was panting in the hospital bed.。