Even if I slept well.Physical strength and mental state still cannot be fully recovered.But I have to get up.The next two stores will open at the same time.Li Tianzhen wants to see it in person.Feel more at ease.

A small envelope on the desk.Li Tianzhi opened it and took a look.Is my ID card and two train tickets.bySZThe city drove to his hometownPL.Round trip.
This is what he entrusted to Erd in the morning*of.Because of his identity as wanted.Li Tianzhen is a little worried about booking tickets.But now it seems this worry is unnecessary.It seems to be washed away overnight.The dark clouds that have been pressing in my heart for a long time fade away.On the contrary, there is a feeling of unreality in my heart.
Simply tidy up the office.Li Tianzhi goes out.The restaurant was cleaned and renewed.The loud voices of the captain and Peng Weihua are the loud voices downstairs.Seems to be busy restocking.And the hotel entrance under the window.Fu De is directing people to carry out pre-opening decorations nervously.Layout.
Everything is so plain.Trivial noise.Same as the market.But for Li Tianzhu, it is extremely practical and at ease.This is the way Yuxing is going now.As for the future, he can’t think so far.
Unknowingly paced downstairs.I saw Xiao Song at the cashier.While pressing the calculator.Bargaining with the delivery boss.The straight-looking little boss is obviously no opponent.I quickly lost without saying a few words.Pending payment.Actually thank you again and again.
Li Tianzhen is interesting.Unexpectedly, there are three or four pairs of eyes behind him who have been following him to the cash register.[Snapped.“A crisp sound.Peng Weihua’s loud voice followed.[What are you looking at?Go to work.“
Li Tiansi turned his head in shock.I found a bedbug clutching his head and turned his head and ran.The captain and Ah Jiu followed.But the one who stared at him was Peng Weihua with his chest and belly.
[You go on.Monkey cubs.I sent it for you.“Lao Peng finished.Also turned his head.Quickly got into the backcourt.Li Tianzhen shook his head.Look at Xiao Song again.I didn’t expect the other party to put down the work at this time.Watching him quietly.
Xiao Song is obviously more energetic than when I saw it yesterday.Bright and clear eyes are as indifferently as usual.It’s just that there’s a hint of concern in my eyes.
[Hum.“Li Tianzhen suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in his throat.Take a few steps:[That peng–My master is teaching the captain.Busy?Oh.I mean.You have worked hard during this time.“
[Isn’t everyone the same“
[That is.That is.“Li Tianzhen coughed again.[but.Still you are the hardest.Old Zhu said this is more than a week.You must be busy with everyone’s food and drink.It’s not easy.“