Zeng Xiangyu speaks feng shui and health for women in business in Shanghai

Zeng Xiangyu speaks feng shui and health for women in business in Shanghai

Zeng Xiangyu opened a feng shui and health life for women in the business community in Shanghai. The most important thing is Zeng Hailiang. Recently, the famous Feng Shui health expert Zeng Xiangyu went to Shanghai, near the beautiful Dianshan Lake Haigrayman Health Base, and talked about “Cell and Human Health Feng Shui”.

Zeng Xiangyu, who has long served as a military Chinese medicine practitioner and Feng Shui Kamchao layout work, has not been hired as a visiting professor, lecture guest in Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, by the Oriental Institute of Management, Australian Feng Shui College, Beijing Ancient Heritage Culture Center.Hunan, Yunnan and other places to open a lecture on “Feng Shui and Health”, and books such as “Yang Gong Feng Shui Series”, and wrote more than 2 million words of feng shui and health academic papers, specializing in the use of Feng Shui and TCM health methods for domestic and overseasA large number of business circles and individuals have done feng shui layout and health guidance, and have received satisfactory results.

In his speech, Zeng Xiangyu believed that the core of the “Zhou Yi” health-care philosophy—the three survival rules of life change, strain, and change.

“Heaven and Man” promoted Chinese Feng Shui and TCM health theory.

The ancients said: “Looking at the sky, looking down on the geography, taking close to the body, far away from the things.

“From the characteristics of people themselves, to observe and understand things, to achieve the ideal of “Heaven and Man”.

“Huainanzi” said: “The universe of heaven and earth, the body of one person; within the six-in-one, the system of one person also.

“The Tao Te Ching” said: “Human law, earth law, heaven and law, Tao Fa is natural.”

“The whole concept of “Heaven and Man’s Sensing” is solved from “Su Wen”: “The saint is the Taoist, the Shanghe is the heaven, the lower is the earth, and the middle is in the personnel.”

This is the overall model of the “trinity” of people, society and nature.

The overall adjustment of traditional Feng Shui health science reflects the holistic view of “Heaven and Man Sensing”.

The life energy field is Tai Chi.

The universe is a big living body.

The human body is a small universe.

Feng Shui’s health is a natural way to regulate the balance between the gas field of the human body and the natural cosmic gas field.

Human health begins with knowing oneself.

Life is alive, and everyone lives.

The so-called fate is predicted by two energy magnetic fields: a hit is an energy magnetic field, and a transport is an energy magnetic field.

This is the relationship between successive days.

Life is a certain day, and it is said to be man-made, and it is said that it is a yin and a yang.

To change the transportation, it is to choose different ways of life activities and adjust the magnetic field of life energy.

The ancient Chinese medical book “Stars are sick” said: mortal diseases have three: one is the sense of the weather; the second is caused by itself; its three series of homes should.

Zeng Xiangyu believes that through the feng shui conditioning method to evade the evil, to optimize the external living environment, but also to go with the sky.

People between the heavens and the earth are affected by both the geographical environment and the weather.

The day is divided into ten days, indicating that the earth is turning around the sun, and people also have ten fingers.

The ground is divided into twelve branches, which means that one year the moon orbits the earth twelve times, and people also correspond to twelve meridians. The whole meridian system of human transformation time, the year, month, day, hour, place the blood flow, the rise and fall of the opening and closing, people should be the time of the month.

Therefore, when people live in a certain time and space environment, they must combine seasonality and orientation to maintain health.

Everyone has their own lives, but also according to the health of each body, do not blindly follow the fashion health care products.

According to the constitutional key, Chinese medicine divides people into wood, fire, earth, gold, water and other five elements.

People of all physiques have different tolerances to the seasons. Therefore, wood, fire, earth, gold, and water are five elements. Health care should be carried out properly from the physical characteristics of the body.

Then the health care should take care of the protector, the kidney is the innate, and the spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

“In the righteousness, the evil can’t be done.”

It is also necessary to change people’s behaviors and lifestyles, and to change lifestyles that are not conducive to health.

Health, sub-health, and disease are mutually transformed.

People are in a state of stress for a long time, which leads to the gradual damage of the heart, nerves, digestion, immunity, endocrine and other systems, and the body appears sub-healthy.

If not controlled in time, it will turn into disease.

Therefore, young people who struggle in the survival field should pay more attention to health care.In the lecture, Zeng Xiangyu quoted the gradual success of people who are busy with work and idle health care, leading to the tragedy of life in the midst of a career, to warn everyone that they must always pay attention to maintaining their bodies.

Life is precious, health is the most important!

(Zeng Hailiang)