“You two bastards!Hurry up!Don’t prevent Lao Tzu from enjoying the experience!”Dazechang said with a grinning smile。

Talking room,Dazechang has exploded his whole body,His strength is rising,Successfully burst out Tier 6 power,The long knife in my hand is getting brighter,As if a silver brilliance is attached to the knife。
This is the performance of the sword energy condensed to the limit,He is a Tier 6 mutant,The strength is originally above Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu,Ready to go,Sure enough。
but,Even if he still retains the intact Tier VI combat power,But facing that scarred Tier 7 giant hammer monster,Who will pick up who on earth,It’s really hard to say!
He Bu’s heart moved slightly,But Wei Xiaoxing stretched out his hand。
“Don’t be impulsive!believe him,
We are going up now to die!Save lives,There will always be time to repay others in the future!”Wei Xiaoxing said in a deep voice。
“Kill!”Dazechang single-arm knife,Beard and hair,Rebirth like an ancient sword tyrant,Man and knife in one,Turned into a blue light,Hit the giant hammer head-on!
Singled out the seventh with the sixth power,I have to say that this behavior is stupid!Probability of failure,Almost inevitable。
however,This is Dazechang’s favorite way of fighting,The fighting spirit burns at this moment,Is his stage!
Bearish,Do not accept!Be able to at the last moment of life,Beyond those two little bastards who beat themselves,Even protected them,Really quick!
Bright as a summer flower,Death is as quiet as autumn leaves!This is Daze Chang’s violent aesthetics,It is also the spiritual home of Toyo warriors。
“I dislike him!Saved by that kind of person,Always feel a little upset!Wei Xiaoxing,Lend me your power, OK??”He Bu blinked,Said with a serious face。
“Uh.Ok!I think the teacher must not like it。Leave my life to you,Go fight!”Wei Xiaoxing laughed,A palm on He Bu’s forehead。
His last ray of mental power,It’s all turned into the meaning of ice cold,Deeply pierced He Bu’s forehead。
After stabbing this note,Wei Xiaoxing completely entered deep sleep,I really gave my life to my friend He Bu,If He Bu fails,He has no resistance,Not even conscious,Not to mention escaping。