of course,Wu Hao can also choose not to play Liu Wenzhang,But this way,It’s a three-to-four situation,This is more beneficial to the Ning Palace team。

Tu Shanming got rid of teeth,About to play,But Wu Hao reached out and stopped。
“Plans have changed,You don’t have to go!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“what do you want?”Tu Shanming and Huang Shaotian asked in unison。
According to the original discussion of the four,If there is a team battle in the final,Three people play,Liu Wenzhang doesn’t need it anymore,They are equally sure to win the game。
but,Wu Hao suddenly made them both unnecessary to play,This is a little strange。
Lu Menglin glanced deeply at Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming,Smiled:“I thought about it,I’m still afraid you will drag me down,I’ll be enough。”
“you,what does it mean!What’s wrong with looking down on people?”Tu Shanming is a little angry,Shouted angrily。
Huang Shaotian didn’t say anything,Just curious,She knows very well,With the true strength of Wuhao,Even if alone,Can also handle the four opposite,Before discussing the three together,Just like in a big team battle,Actually Wu Hao tried to hide his strength,Don’t let people see his reality。
Is it,Doesn’t he want to hide his strength in the final??
Lu Menglin didn’t explain much,Instead, he stepped forward and patted Tu Shanming on the shoulder,Tao:“The opposite is probably going to die,But I don’t plan to give them this chance。You are the president of our Aoki Club,Take a break,nothing。”
“I?I am the boss!Yes indeed!I am the president!Haha!Turns out I am the biggest!”Tu Shanming hasn’t found his sense of existence for a long time,Suddenly reminded by Wu Hao,Suddenly fluttering,Eyes shine。
Lu Menglin laughed,Turned and walked into the ring。
I saw only one team from Aoki coming up,The four people in the Ning Palace opposite were pleasantly surprised,It even puts on a look like a big enemy。
Four people swallowed the medicine in unison,The secret of urging,Insanely stimulate the life potential in the body,All face bright red,Breath rise。