The scale of the ETF is approaching 600 billion, and there are also Noon 500 Securities and other companies have been liquidated.

The scale of the ETF is approaching 600 billion, and there are also Noon 500 Securities and other companies have been liquidated.

Source: Daily Business Daily Business News (Reporter Pan Jianping) “One of the two technology ETF funds I bought in August has already set a new high this year. I have gained 30%, and one has more than 20%.Dislike?

“Yesterday, A shares oscillated, but the netizen” Momo “invested in ETFs during this period of time was a bumper harvest.

Our reporter’s statistics found that since this year, ETFs have a tendency to blow out, adding more than 80 ETFs, and the newly issued scale exceeds 165 billion yuan.

As of now, the total scale of ETFs is approaching 600 billion yuan.

However, behind the madness, there are also some ETFs facing liquidation. Overall, under the cost compression of various costs and other factors, fund companies have actually made little money.

For investors, investing in ETFs also requires caution.

  Shareholders buy and sell shares to the ETF ETF is very popular recently. Yesterday, Xiaoliang, a post-95 investor in Hangzhou, bought a little GEM ETF. The reason is that “the current GEM position is similar to March Xiaoyangchun, and there should be a breakthrough.

“This is the first time that Xiao Liang has bought an ETF. Even yesterday, he did not make any money or even lost a fee, but he is optimistic about the” money “view of the GEM ETF.

He said that he grew up in a family with a strong investment. Although he is not old, he will already look at the technical analysis of the market. This year’s performance of the ETF really surprised him.

  ”In the future, the specialization of A-shares will become higher and higher, and it will become more and more difficult for retail investors to make money. Buying an ETF should not lose money, so try it.

“Feifei”, a senior shareholder in Hangzhou, 厦门夜网 told this reporter that he has been following the ETF since 2011. Generally, the ETF feels stable, but this year’s increase is very big, a bit like 2015.

“I bought the CCTV 50 ETF after 11 and sold it at the end of November. I didn’t make a lot of money. Unlike the wave of market ETFs from 2014 to 2016, which made a lot of money, the income exceeded 50%.

“Feifei” likes to choose ETFs that can represent the overall economic growth. In his opinion, as long as the economy is good, ETFs will also grow.

  Our reporter found out that since the beginning of this year, the total size of ETFs has approached the 600 billion mark, while the total size of equity funds has only reached 1.

16 trillion, can be described as carrying half of the stock fund.

The ETF scale broke out in the last two years.

The data shows that the total 杭州桑拿 size of ETFs in 2017 was only 226.7 billion. In 2018, we suddenly ushered in great development. In the year, there were 38 newly-established ETFs, with a total issuance of 92 billion U.S. dollars.

By this year, the development of ETFs has become more rapid. Since this year, more than 80 ETFs have been added, and the number of newly issued ETFs has exceeded $ 165 billion.

In terms of income, a large number of stock-based ETFs performed very well this year. The returns of 14 stock-based ETFs exceeded 50%. The sample, 500 information, this year’s income reached 80.

54%, ranked first, Shenzhen TMT, consumer ETFs and information technology, the returns are above 60%.

  And through the Shanghai Stock Index again stood at 3,000 points, multi-channel funds also poured into A shares again, and investors’ enthusiasm for buying ETF funds began to rise.

What is the hottest ETF in the market recently?

Star mining data shows that the recent “Effect of Gold” on ETF products in banks and securities companies.

  Some ETFs have been liquidated. Although many investors are optimistic about ETFs and buy and buy, ETFs also face many problems in the process of rapid development. As a result, the phenomenon of ETFETF homogeneity is serious and product liquidation occurs frequently.

Under the rate war, the profit margin of fund companies has also been continuously compressed.

  Data show that as of yesterday, the number of stock ETFs was 230, and the scale exceeded 500 billion yuan.

Among them, there are only 11 stock ETFs with a size of more than 10 billion US dollars, and the total size accounts for 55% of the total size of stock ETFs.

There are 56 equity ETFs with a size of less than 100 million US dollars, and more than 35 ETFs with a scale of less than 50 million yuan are on the edge of liquidation.

  On September 23, the CSI 500 ETF issued the fund settlement report, becoming the first CSI 500 ETF to be liquidated in the market.

From less than 100 million fund shares in 2017 to less than 10 million fund shares in 2019, Nuoan CSI 500 ETF can’t escape the fate of being liquidated.

Since the beginning of this year, there are also Yifangda Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index ETFs, and products such as Nuo’s Shanghai Stock Exchange Emerging Industry ETF have also been wound up due to scale issues, and more ETFs have subsequently joined the liquidation team.

  In addition, fund companies continue to lower their fees to attract investors.

For example, Taikang CSI 300 ETF sets the management fee rate to zero.

4%, far lower than the average market cost, while Minsheng Jiayin, Huitianfu, and the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 ETF affiliated to Hua’an all adopted a conversion of “0.”

15% management fee +0.

“05% hosting fee” fee structure, the competition has entered a fierce heat from the beginning.

Counting the lowest cost, fund companies may not make any money at all.

  Scale risk is market risk. In Feifei’s view, although ETF is a relatively stable investment product, how long the current hot market can last and whether investors can obtain satisfactory returns from it are question marks.Xiao Liang is also a leader, and investors should pay attention to risk.

  The reporter learned that there are many types of ETF funds in the market, and investors need to choose a good investment target.

For example, in 2017, the A-share market was dominated by White Horse Stocks, and the GEM continued to adjust.

This year, Huaxia SSE 50 ETF and Huatai Barry SSE Dividend ETF increased by 24 for the first time.

97%, 16.

49%, while the GEM ETF and the South GEM ETF fell by 12 respectively.

6%, 9.


  Existing ETF funds in the market that track pharmaceutical, real estate, finance, consumption, energy, gold, environmental protection, information technology, non-ferrous metal and other industry sector indexes have different investment returns.

Investors should avoid investing in a single industry, otherwise, even if they buy ETF funds, they cannot effectively diversify investment risks.