Winter fitness good way to lose weight indoors

Winter fitness good way to lose weight indoors

It’s cold in winter and it’s too painful to spend time outdoors.

Should we just let the body gain weight a little bit?

In fact, at home, as long as you simply exercise, you can consume the accumulated volume, so that you can easily and thinly, try it together!

  Dragging the floor, wiping the windows, planting flowers and plants, and other home weight-loss exercises can allow the body to have appropriate activities, but also consume and not be too tired.

In addition, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator; when the journey is over, take the walk instead of the ride, which can easily consume 100 calories and 60 kg in the overlapping “sports” in life: prepare three meals and do n’t suffocate the family without helpThree meals are ready. Wash, cut, cook, stir-fry, steam. As long as 39 minutes, 100 calories are missing.

  It only takes 14 minutes to go down the stairs, and you can consume 100 cards.

  As long as you go up the stairs in 7 minutes, you can consume 100 calories, and you can also exercise your heart and lungs!

  Planting flowers and plants Plant some flowers and plants at home to beautify the environment and be pleasing to the eye.

And a 20-minute gardening job can burn a 100-calorie gap and do two good things.

  It doesn’t take much time to sweep the floor, as long as 25 minutes can consume 100 cards!

  It only takes 20 minutes to mop the floor, and it can consume 100 cards.

  Whether you have bought something or not in shopping, you can reach the goal of consuming 100 cards in 33 minutes.

  In daily life, there are many easy and fun ways to consume volume without sweating, so that “activity” becomes a part of “life”, as a warm-up before developing regular exercise.

  After you are accustomed to increasing the amount of activity in your life, you can start from the holiday on the second day of the week and choose the type of sports that you like and can compete, such as swimming, cycling or dancing.15-30 minutes, and refer to regular exercise to perform, I believe you will lose weight more beautiful, healthier and completely confident.