Spring is caught in meditation。

Big snake pills have created a lot of experiments with his gene.,However, it is destroyed according to Spring.。
He didn’t expect it to steal his cells in the big snake pill.,And how did he think of using his cells to strengthen the wooden pill??
Spring thinks of a possibility。
Abandon his bodies,And your own cells are strange in the woodball。
http://www.hntpsjwy.cn Is he used to re-produced a body with Springs??
If you say anything in the endurance, the body is the strongest,That is undoubtedly a spring。
His body is definitely the best container。
Can Springs are impossible to get,So, in the big snake pill, I stolen the cell.。
Quan Yi wants to。
This makes him speechless,After the big snake pill,His cells have been got by many people.。
Dirty sacrifice,Also use his clone body。
It is simply another first generation.。
But now it’s ok.,Springs now,Fundamentally no one can bear。
“Is there a way to handle?”Spring asked。
“No way,The combination time is too long.,Treatment will only kill him”Big Snake Pill。
“never mind,You tell the wooden pill,If you are not willing,I can help him change a body.”Spring said。
Although the implanted cell is the easiest http://www.9989bba.cn becoming improvement method,But not。
Before the wooden pill, it is because there is a why the cause of the flow of yin will accept his cells.,Now he cultivated into a fairy, not causing the anti-cell anti-。
Xianke Chakra will stabilize those cells that are not too strong。
This will be given to the wooden pill.。
The last thing is a problem,Although the whole is a container that has obtained his clone body,And the soul may also be repaired because of the cause of the tick.。
But his body still needs a certain degree of time exercise,Can be perfect to play his strength,This time is not short。
Even if he finished,Only half of his origins,How can I be a righteous opponent?。
It is completely state,It is also useless in front of the spring.。
After this lesson,He should not dare to shoot anymore.。
After http://www.ggpolice.cn the big snake will leave。
“I should try it.,Hui Night actually didn’t tell me this,Don’t know?Still afraid that my strength is too powerful.,Woman,Be a careful eye”
Spring disappeared in the original place,He entered his space。
His space,Tracing with a pure purple,Suspend there。
Spring looked two eyes,This group Chakra,Then I flash。
This group of Chekra slowly started changing。
Finally become a humanoid state。
“Overwood,I didn’t want to say it in my hand.”Spring smiles。