In order to ensure that the Sickles clan will not leak the news,The human race is actually ready to lose some treasures。

But carrying a giant axe to crush the power of the God Eyes,Jiazu didn’t dare to speak,Two major ethnic groups reached three agreements。
One is a gift from the human race to the strongest treasure and the Sickle。
Second, if the human race becomes a holy land,Must divide a piece to live in the Sickles clan。
three,Is to limit the betrayal of the Sickles,The ancestors of the Sickles or at least five masters of the universe must live in the microcosm of the giant axe for a long time.。
In a way,Both sides are quite satisfied。
The strength of Kamazu is relatively weak among the strongest in the universe,Similar to the ancestor of the monster beast。
The first Allah of the God Eye Clan still dare to fight through the reincarnation,He didn’t have this idea。Hug thigh,I can get a Xeon treasure。
And for the human race,Maybe hundreds of thousands of years ago,It’s impossible to trade a Xeon Supreme。
But today’s humans are rich in wealth,The price of a Xeon is not unacceptable。
As for after becoming a holy place。。Then you have to have this chance to become a holy land。
If humans can become holy places,It’s also very simple to divide some areas to alien races。
At this price,In exchange for the peaceful development of mankind for a long time,Is definitely planned。
time,Is on the human side。
Just when Li Ming felt that he could practice peacefully for a long time—At least until the Dongdong River inheritance accident,A news from Luo Feng。