“You are not qualified to talk to me,And i don’t want to talk to you”

Chen Jiu put his hands in his trouser pockets,He shook his body,A complete look of rogue。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You don’t want to talk to me,You can keep your mouth still,But you have to listen。First of all, you kidnapped Meizi before she got divorced,You are a kidnapper。In addition,You brought so many people and want to buckle plums,Do you know what this is?”
“Don’t tell me these useless,I don’t know the law。Put down plums and leave,Everyone is in peace,If you want to take away plums,Unless you kill me Chen Jiu”
Chen Jiu said,Untied the clothes on the chest。I saw a dagger seven or eight inches long in his waist。
Xia Jian glanced at Chen Jiu and said:“Now is a legal society,Your move is outdated long ago。I just need a phone,Will let you in”
“If you really want to make this call,Then I look down on you too much, Chen Jiuke。Capable,Let’s not move people from the public house to handle this matter, OK??If you can convince me Chen Jiu,You take the plum,I won’t step into Xiping Village again”
Chen Jiu said,Reached out and patted his belly twice。
Xia Jian burst into laughter,His laughter just fell,I saw a black car quickly stopped on the side of the road,When the window falls,A light head poked out。Chen Jiuyi saw the people in the car beckoning to him,He quickly ran over。
I saw that the people in the car didn’t know what to say to Chen Jiu,Chen Jiu’s face changed suddenly,He hurriedly waved,Leaving with everyone shouting,Not one left。
Wang Youcai gave Xia Jian a thumbs up,He smiled and said:“It seems that sometimes there is no need for more people,One person in charge is enough,President Xia is really amazing”
“Nothing!I just found an acquaintance。Moreover,Chen Gui’s business is related to the reputation of our Xiping Village。You better let him handle it,Stay as long as you can,After all for the children。But this woman is so dead,Then you let her go!Can’t find another one for Chen Gui,He is young,Besides, based on our current conditions in Xiping Village,It’s not difficult to find another one”
Xia Jian turned around and left。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“President Xia!You are the boss in Qingshan County。Why don’t you let me sit in your company??”
“I don’t think this is necessary anymore!I’m having a meeting,One of your calls, where everyone is sitting waiting for me。You should take this person and go home quickly!Don’t you know Ye Changmeng’s words??”
Xia Jian finished,So he hurried to his Bao Shijie。
Wang Youcai takes a look,Hurried back,As soon as he got into the car,Start the car,Rushing towards the city。Along the way,Everyone is judging the plums。But this woman lowered her head,Not say a word of good or bad。
Once the car arrives in Pingdu,Which two of Wu Wu got out of the car with him,Chen Gui is the only one left in the back row。At this moment,Meizi, sitting in the co-pilot, suddenly burst into tears,And crying so sad。