Thin people gain weight, what should you eat?

Thin people gain weight, what should you eat?

The cause of body thinness, in addition to a small number of long-term chronic wasting diseases, organic diseases, most of them are caused by acquired disorders, such as long-term insomnia, less food, more sentimental, overworked or not love sports.

Therefore, the thin man’s diet is different from the average person.


Increasing animal food The main mystery of human body fatness and thinness is that the substitution of food in the human body is more or less than the metabolism consumed by metabolism.

In many cases, there is a small amount of residual micro-conversion that accumulates in the skin, and in the abdomen, it will gain weight; in others, it is often caused by “people do not make up”.

In order to make the thin spindle become fat, the diet should pursue high metabolism, high protein, multi-vitamin and proper amount of aunt, sugar, minerals and other nutrients, of which animal protein and animal cockroaches should account for two-thirds.

Meat, fish, eggs, milk and other animal foods should be added to the recipe.

Traditional Chinese medicine is called “Flesh and Love”, its benefits, fattening effect is faster than general plant foods, its nutritional components animal protein, animal droppings, etc., have affinity for the human body, and are more easily absorbed by the human body.



Not long before the quality of dinner, the American scientist Gatti research found that nighttime is the time when the body has the most insulin secretion and the highest blood insulin content.

Therefore, the dinner should be made in a good amount, and the three or two delicious slopes will help the lean body to eat with gusto.

Appropriate intake of high-dose, high-protein, high-dung and high-sugar foods, under the action of insulin, synthetic feces accumulate in the skin, and the ratio of sugar and protein into traces is the highest, which makes the body of the epidemic gradually rich.stand up.
Therefore, the traditional “dinner should be less”, not suitable for thin people who are eager to get fat and night life.


Traditional Chinese medicine for the stomach and spleen has always been considered: “The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow.”

“Ordinary people are still like this, and those who are thinner should maintain a normal function of aseptic digestion and absorption.

Appetites with good appetite are estimated to be regularly quantified to avoid overeating, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach.

Otherwise, “a meal hurts, ten tons of soup”, the fat increase is not up.

If the appetite is not open, it advocates eating less meals, recipe recipes, striving for cooking, good color and flavor, and eating some fruits to help digestion.

Once you have a cold, indigestion, diarrhea, ascariasis and fever, you must be cured early.

Maintaining the health of the spleen and stomach of “the day after tomorrow” is the key to eating fat.

In addition, lotus seeds, yam yam, Jiaoshi, jujube, dried persimmon porridge, etc. have the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, the food and medicine are excellent, the taste is delicious, and the weak body does not hinder the regular consumption.


Deep-fried, should be steamed, boiled, stewed according to long-term observation of traditional Chinese medicine, thin people are mostly “yin deficiency fire” physical type, eating Xin Wen dry food is easy to induce red eyes, sore throat, swollen gums, constipation,Urine yellow, eat less and other “fire” symptoms, thereby damaging health and reducing weight.

Therefore, the diet of lean people to increase fat should focus on nourishing yin, heat, can often eat duck, tofu, turtle, frog, scutellaria, fish gelatin, mushrooms, white fungus, seaweed, lotus root, apple, egg, milk and so on.

Strong teas with strong weight loss, melons should be eaten less, hot spirits, peppers, etc. must be carefully eaten.

For the copyright “fat drink”.

The “liquid bread”-famous beer, due to its low alcohol concentration and nutrient-rich, can be stirred in moderation.

For rickets and fitness, thin people who are yin and spleen should eat steamed, boiled, stewed foods, eat less fried, fried, roasted foods, in order to help the purpose of fattening and strengthening through the cooking method of nourishing yin and clearing heat.