Child: Love me, you will praise yourself

  The child is the same as the leadership of your unit. You don’t know yourself. He is a few days before you can’t see a notice. It is a course with professional planning. Talking about your work – I certainly signed up. Son is confused, "Do you have a successful mother?" I firmly, "Of course, I don’t believe you look at my speech ppt." He really ran over, but not afraid, I bought the PPT template I bought online. 20 yuan bought 198.

I chose black and white main color, north European, particularly advanced.

  The baby looks at the design, and it is broken.

  On the day of the speech, my class has been reported, and the baby can’t choose my class, so I have listened to other parents. After the course, I asked the baby: "Do you have a classmate who selection class? Doom mother say good? I carefully prepared a few stars, my students didn’t respond?" Wa said: "With the reaction, the students took you. The joke is recorded, the mobile phone is sent to me, everyone is very interesting.

"I said:" How, my mother is amazing. "Wa said:" 666.

"I have blown so much cow outside, I don’t want to go home, I have to tell my baby, I am very unfair. Success is so simple.

  If you haven’t succeeded yet, it may be wrong. Once I was running with my baby, he ran in an instant.

I still breathe six steps in the back, slowly move.

  I came back, "My mother is so bad." I said: "It is not bad. Mom started running from six years ago, I persisted five days a week, never interrupted.

Traveling is also running, traveling out to travel.

It is very important to run fast, but it is very important to insist on doing things you think is valuable. "" Mom is a very persevering person. " "I give myself" qualitative ".

  I have been going over, and there is a lot of things, only such a case is "persistent", but more, the baby will remember. Once I heard the baby and his classmates, my mother was running, my mother had some perseverance.

  The child is the same as the leadership of your unit, you don’t know yourself, he is invisible. I always feel that China’s children have no respect for their parents, and they have a relationship with their parents.

One is not telling the child, or it is too high.

  "The junior high school mathematics is very difficult, Mom, Mom, will not do it at all." This is a jealous. Difficult part is formula, you will be able to learn. Last week, I said that SAT’s words took 50 for two hours. I let him choose a group to give me back. I concentrated, bite your teeth, I didn’t touch my mobile phone, and I didn’t complain again. Of course, I have been forgot now.

  In addition, China’s parents are too high for success, always feel that they are not successful enough, always like to have successful examples of successful examples. I bought a bunch of biographies, I have to do everyone and Jobs, Ma Huateng is very familiar.

In fact, the top three generations, who don’t have to wash your feet, you can use it.

  My father died in the past, after he passed away, I thought for a long time, he is not a successful person. When he was in the world, chat with us, never linked himself and "success". Our sisters know from childhood, father is a very casual person, greed, good temper.

He is older, often talk to us, feeling that this life is very smooth, big things are my mother, daughter is filial, very content. My father raised fish and got a huge fish tank. I remember that he said: "I always want to raise fish, finally realized.

"After retirement, I bought an electric car. He said:" When you are young, you want to buy a motorcycle, and finally realize it. "Seventy-year-old old man is always wearing sportswear, he said," When you are young, you will not wear like an old man. I don’t wear the old head to wear clothes.

"When we were young, my father often said," You don’t want to me.

"When he was studying, it was originally to take the Aerospace University, but the eyes were injured, and they were out of school.

Therefore, our sisters have never done their father.

  But after he passed the world, I can live as my father as a good life, and it is also a very good choice.

But unfortunately, he did not realize his value.

If he can tell us, this is also good, we may take less detours.

  In our Chinese mind, the next generation must be better than the previous generation.

Therefore, our parents don’t dare to boast, afraid to delay our future.

  To our generation, we think that you are good, it’s not enough, you can better. Ugh! We hope that our own genes will be evolved towards an inexplicable future.

This kind of hope is a thing that has no end, not only let us ignore the happiness of the moment, but also put our children, in the spirit, to recognize "success" is the father ‘s orphans.

  Child, Mom, Mom, I feel that I have been quite good, you also have the courage to do yourself.