“Hahahaha!You look more beautiful,Became the four beauties。And you can also throw in your arms!I am willing to accept“Xia Jian said with a big smile。

Ouyang Hong sneered and said:“Look at you“
The two are talking,The car quickly entered Pingyang Town。The farmhouse on both sides of the road looks good business,After all, it’s not the peak tourist season。
When passing a street in the ancient town,Xia Jian also deliberately slowed down and took a look,He couldn’t help showing a cheerful smile on his face。Ouyang Hong is also very happy,She smiled and said:“With your investment,Pingyang Town has such a gratifying change today。The people of Pingyang Town, thank you Xia Jian!“
“Alright!I am not that great,After all, this is a business investment,It’s good not to be scolded by others“Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong were talking and laughing,Drove the car into the compound of Pingyang Town Government。
When Secretary Wang saw Xia Jian’s big run,And ran away happily,He smiled and said:“Mayor Zhao is ready,I’m waiting for you two leaders in the conference room“
“Hey!I’m not a leader,Secretary Wang, don’t praise me“Xia Jian laughed and jumped out of the car。
First0845chapter Cancel unreasonable charges
Pingyang Town today can be said to be different from what it used to be。
Even the town government has undergone tremendous changes,Two years ago,Still a low tiled house。A conference room with more than ten broken tables,Make Xia Jian still fresh in his memory。
The moment I opened the door of the conference room,Let Xia Jian’s face immediately smile。Rows on the table covered with green tablecloth,Full of tea cups,Where the village chiefs have been sitting long ago,Talking and laughing one by one。
Deputy Mayor Zhao is sitting on the rostrum, looking at some documents,When he saw Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong,He stood up immediately,Greet Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian sitting on the podium。
Maybe Ouyang Hong’s current status is different,She sat up,The bottom suddenly became silent,You know these old farmers,The general cultural quality is not high,Can be made like this,It’s really hard for them。
Xia Jianyi looked up,I saw Zhao Hong,And Chen Haiping from Shuijing Village,He Sanwa and a few familiar faces。
“Hello everyone!Calling you here in your busy schedule,Mainly to discuss with you the future development of Pingyang Town。This may be known to many people,He is the general manager of the startup group,And now the honorary mayor of Pingyang Town,So he also has the right to lead everyone“Mayor Zhao said,Looked at Ouyang Hong beside her。
Ouyang Hong nodded and said:“Everyone saw,Development of Xiping Village,And the leisure agriculture in our town,Are now making big money。At present, President Xia has built fruit industry bases in five villages including Shuijing Village.,This is a very good project,I don’t know what everyone thinks,Can speak any language today,Let’s discuss together“
“Mayor Ouyang,We also want to grow apples in Xiahe Village,Need Mr. Xia’s investment“A man in his forties,Speak loudly。
Deputy Mayor Zhao glanced at Ouyang Hong,He smiled and said:“Chief Sun,This is your personal opinion,It’s still the thoughts of the whole village?You have to make it clear,Let’s discuss with President Xia“
“Most of the land in Xiahe Village is half slope,Personal research,Best for growing apples。I can’t make the crops now,Only cash crops,To make the whole village rich“Chief Sun said with confidence。