After here,Also developed well。

Yi Tianqi smiled:“Good,Card in blue here,You can buy anything。”
“Yeah!”Le Yue is happy.,Turn around to wash。
Blue Xin also laughed and took the card in his father.,She laughed and happy,“Package money given by Dad,very happy。”
Yi Tianqi is a happy smile,“Blue,Dad makes money to daughter flowers,Very happiness!”
“Oy!”Lu Si smiled sweetly,“Your father is a real acid,But good happiness。”
“hehe……”Yi Tianqi smiled,“Think,I want to have a daughter.,Now more you have now。”
Yi Tianqi smiles,He really likes these children.。
Mu Qing also laughed:“Blue,I am with your father at home.,We all gone,Your father, a person, I’m lonely.。If you see your mother’s,I bought it back to my mother.,Anyway, use your father’s money.,We can’t save him,Have him always say that there is no flower。”
“it is good!Mother,I have a little spending pocket money for my father today.。”Blue Xin happy laugh。
Yi Tianqi listened,I also laughed and happy,Side glance gaze,“Qingqing,Now you have spend money.,I am very happy.,What do you want to buy??Beautiful clothes in the mall,You can bring it back.。”
Mu Qing looked at Blue Xinyu:“Blue,I heard that your father said,If you like,Move things throughout the mall,Your father will not say anything.。”
“Wow!dad,I have never bought this clothes like this.,Not as if you tried it today?”Blue Xinyu jumped,Buy a buying mood,A must。
Yi Tianqi listened,Again,“Good,My daughter likes it.,I hope my daughter will open the wardrobe.,Wear new clothes and dress,Popular cake skirt,Pleated skirt,As long as you like it。”
Yi Tianqi’s tone is very popular。
Blue Xin imagines the kind of scene,I can’t help but laugh.,“Sister,when you’re down,Crazy harvest trophy,Mood should be better。”
Lu Si is very fast,“Blue,I am in a bad mood.,Just buy buy buy。”
Looking at Le Yu, I have changed my clothes.,She laughed:“Yi Dad,Mother,We walked。”
Mu Qingdao:“Go back,Fun。”
immediately,Three people went to Lu Hao Cheng’s shopping mall。
Lu Group!
Lu Haocheng sat down,Black, such as ink,Quietly watch the comments on the Internet。
He is inadvertently,The bottom of the eye has been flashing from time to time.。
At this time,European and Su Sei Ming come in,Mu Zizi also sits in electric wheelchair,Follow behind them。
Su Sei Ming looked at the lonely and proudly sitting, Lu Haozheng,Anger。
“Ah Cheng,you say,What do I do??Kill the woman。”Su Shengming’s eyes are full of anger。
Ou Jing and Mu Zihao are also anger。
Lu Hao’s eyes looked at three people,Emperor,Sharp in sharp,Focus on the cold,“Waiting,See what kind of pattern she can play.,She does this to do this,Just want the people of Lu Zhu Group to hate me,She is so good to get Lu Yun Group。”
“This woman is really……”Su Sei Ming’s face is evil,Anger。
Mu Zizhuang shines with sharp light crystal clear,Because of the injury,His character has been calm,“This time,New hatred,Calculate with her.。”