Diet and nutrition of the wasted population

Diet and nutrition of the wasted population

Formulate a reasonable diet system. The distribution of nutrients in three meals a day is reasonable. The conversion distribution should be breakfast, Chinese food, and dinner. The distribution is 33% for breakfast, 34% for Chinese food, and 33% for dinner.

  Develop good eating habits and eat three meals a day, but eat a small amount of snacks, but pay attention to snacks within one hour before eating, so as not to affect appetite.

If there is no special activity, it is not advisable to eat supper at night. If you can eat supper in special activities, you should also pay attention to eating soft and digestible food; except for some fruits, you can only eat five minutes to facilitate digestion and digestion.
  Increasing the increase in the intake of adults should be based on the normal digestion and absorption of their own rehabilitation, not causing diarrhea and other symptoms of dyspepsia, and can be appropriately replaced with animal droppings, cream, fat, butter, animal skin.

  Adjust the food structure to adjust the food structure according to the required volume, increase the amount of staple food, reduce the amount of non-staple food, eat more animal protein, that is, the number of fish, meat, eggs should be increased accordingly, so choose more starchy, high-sugar foods, staple foodThe sugar content is high.

In addition, the foods that can be selected are: buttercup, potato, alfalfa, cassava, bamboo potato, potato, sweet potato, alfalfa, water chestnut, savory mushroom, juice, jam, honey, various fresh fruits, especially southern fruits.Such as longan, lychee, mango, jackfruit, banana and so on.