Boss Cai smiled,Beckoned at the door。

Five bad guys rushed in at once,Surrounded by the three of Lu Youshan。
“Manager Lu,You say so。Our Zhaohui company is opening the door and doing business seriously,These are people from our company,How can you say that we are a liar!”
This liar only says two words,The five bad guys who just rushed in were all blowing beards and staring,I started pushing and shoving,The action is getting bigger and bigger。
Huang Yuanshun was so scared that his face turned pale,Hurriedly shouted:“none of my business,I’m a part-time worker!”
Lu Menglin saw his father surrounded,Frowned:“The police will be there soon!Who of you dare to move!”
Xiao Cai heard Lu Menglin’s voice,Winked at one of the bad guys。
The man squinted,Pick up the wooden stick in your hand,To Lu Menglin is just a blow。
Xiao Cai hates this Xiao Lu classmate,Knowing that this matter was caused by him today,I thought anyway,You have to put some color on him。
I don’t know that all of this is seen by Lu Youshan,When he saw the squinted kid lift the stick,I knew that the other party was going to attack his son,Too late to think,One stepped and stopped in front of his son。
Peng!This stick hit Lu Youshan’s left shoulder,Smashed his shoulders,He picked up the ashtray on the table,The backhand is hitting the head of the rotten boy with the moving stick。
boom!Smash this tank,The opponent fell on the spot,Battered。
Everyone present was taken aback,It’s all suppressed for a while!They didn’t expect this honest-faced manager Lu would dare to do it,It’s so tough!
text Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Reinforcements approaching
? “come!Who dares to move him a try!”Lu Youshan holds a half bloody ashtray,Roared like a lion。
Da Cai and Xiao Cai all froze for a while,This guy doesn’t play cards according to common sense!State-owned enterprise leaders,Shouldn’t you be greedy for life and fear of death??How can this guy really dare to fight?!
Huang Yuanshun was so scared that a heart almost threw out his throat,Quickly persuade:“Lao Lu,Lao Lu, take it easy,calm,Be calm!”
The other four bad guys stared at Lu and his son.,Know these two are not good,Although there is a stick in hand,But I dare not act rashly。
This scene even saw Lu Menglin dumbfounded,Boss with open mouth。