“wrong!Those e-waste,Something not like the earth world!”Lu Menglin thought to himself。

He is knowledgeable,Look more carefully,I found the trash in the valley,Is not a product of the earth world,It’s just the same technological development route,But the technological level of those things,Probably still above the earth world。
At least the time Lu Menglin lived in,There is no mech equipment that can be used in actual combat.,It’s just in science fiction works。
And among the e-waste below,Many of them look like the remains of humanoid mechas,And broken equipment of humanoid machines,These are easy to see。
“Is it,The technology of this plane has developed to this level?But why are the villagers still in the primitive and backward stage??”Lu Menglin couldn’t help frowning,Puzzled。
“system,Can you scan the garbage here?At what technological level are they?How long has it existed?”Lu Menglin is in his mind,Said to the portable system。
The portable system responded quickly,A systematic voice came from Lu Menglin’s mind。
“These are mechanical civilization equipment,The age of existence is not too long,Should be within a hundred years,Its technological level is temporarily undetectable,But it is very likely to be higher than the earth civilization。caveat!The hot weapon of this world,There is a possibility of destroying you。”After the portable system issues a warning,Silence again。
Lu Menglin frowned,It seems that this plane is not simple,Not what everyone thought at the beginning,Is a lower energy plane。
The environmental energy concentration of this plane is low,And those villagers have poor physical fitness,It can only show that the personal force in this world is low,But if there is a high-tech civilization here,So lethality is another story。
While Lu Menglin was thinking,There was a loud noise in my ear,Scared him。
Lu Menglin immediately gathered his ears,Listen attentively,Immediately heard a dense burst of bean-like noises。
This voice is for others,Maybe strange,But for Lu Menglin,That’s too familiar!
That’s gunshots!Is the sound of guns!
Here is the ectopic plane, Not the earth world,How can you hear gunshots?Lu Menglin was clever all over,Body shape,Carrying that big-eyed boy,Rush towards the village。
The sound of guns,It came from the direction of the village!
When Lu Menglin hurried to the village,I happened to see a group of soldiers,The members of the plane team who are besieging him。
Yes,Yes!His subordinates are being attacked,The defensive master strictly guards the copper has opened the team defensive array,Struggling。
Two priests, one old and one young,Darab and Huang Shaotian,Desperately blessing group therapy to all the injured。
And Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming and the others,I can only desperately use the light energy in my body,Continuously transported to the defensive array system,I hope this big net of defensive energy fields intertwined,Can last long enough。