Anti-aging maintenance makes women truly childlike


Anti-aging maintenance makes women truly childlike

Want to take the anti-aging care effect to another level?

Then you must not miss the following maintenance tips to make your skin look younger.

Some humble skin care tips that make you look younger and more beautiful every day.

Take care of your skin at all times.

  Keep moisturizing your skin at all times If you use moisturizers or hydrating sprays as one of your essential skincare routines, then if you want to make the moisturizing effect more powerful, then you should always drink water.

  You may ask: Who can’t drink water!

The attraction of eight times a day everyone understands.

But do you drink water regularly in the busy OL family?

Instead of drinking a few large glasses of water at one go, it can produce beauty skin care effects.

In fact, you need to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach early in the morning to promote detoxification of the kidneys and liver all night.

At night, you may worry about edema of the face after waking up the next day, and refuse to reabsorb. This is actually wrong.

When the mouth feels dry and dry, it does not absorb water, resulting in dehydration in the body and skin.

Therefore, you can drink half a glass of water in a small amount to quench your thirst without worrying about facial edema the next day.

During working hours, you need to drink a balanced amount of water in order to exert the beauty effect of drinking a day.

  Vitamins make skin younger No matter how well-balanced the diet is, there are still some flaws in the way it is absorbed.

You may be smart enough to prepare some vitamin supplements for your skin care needs.

  Vitamin A: Makes the cells renew and the skin looks shiny. Vitamin B: Moisturizes the skin without drying. Vitamin C: Whitens the skin. Vitamin E: Anti-aging and antioxidant.Beautiful and energetic, better mental state.

But what you don’t know is that you need to pay attention to aerobic exercise.

As the amount of oxygen uptake during exercise increases, the amount of free radicals produced will increase, accelerating aging.

Therefore, the amount of aerobic exercise requires moderate to low intensity, and the renewal of excretion by one breath in and one out alternately to achieve a balanced effect.

Otherwise, high exercise makes you age quickly.

  Can sugar really grow old?


The combination of blood sugar and body proteins makes the tissue structure lose elasticity and becomes fragile.

On the skin, it gradually merges on the dermis layer and changes the connection of cells, thereby forming various skin aging conditions, such as wrinkles, skin loss of elasticity, sagging, etc.

  Can’t we eat sugar foods?

Some experts said that although eating polysaccharides does not necessarily mean that saccharification and aging will occur, but reducing sugar absorption, replacing sugar foods is a healthier choice.

  Some studies have pointed out that saccharification can induce free radicals, making cell DNA more susceptible to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when anti-glycation internal and external conditioning skin care, sun protection and antioxidant are good anti-aging strategies.