Of course this is not nonsense in Wang Yufei’s opinion,But the most efficient way of communication。

Put the conditions they can offer on the table,If it works,Then the deal is done,if not,Each well,Not waste each other’s time。
But this way of communication obviously makes Tan Guxiang feel uncomfortable。
He even regretted personally inviting this young talented scientist to the show。
Shangyang Media’s programs are even better?
Isn’t it the biggest benefit in itself to appear on the central media??
No matter how good you are in academia,But you have to rely on publicity if you want to be famous?
Yes,The rise of Internet media now,The influence of TV shows is not as big as before,But they are central media after all,Who do you look down on with such a condition??
Tan Guxiang was so angry that he just hung up Wang Yufei’s phone,But I think the kid on the phone is only 18 years old,Not only is it already a master in academia,Even more qualified to let him take the initiative to find the door,I can talk to him on the phone,Thinking of my own child again,Although not too bad,But this year in my twenties,But there is no qualitative,I knew I was lying at home on the weekend,No fighting spirit,I can’t help feeling that it’s not a big deal to talk to Wang Yufei。
If you don’t consider the other’s achievements,Only consider age,Seems to be able to talk this day。
“You mean notification fee?Dr. Wang,You know this show is not commercial,So basically there is no notification fee,But the program team will prepare some small gifts for invited guests。and……”
“No no no,Director Tan,You misunderstood。I’m going straight to the point,I have a younger sister named Guo Xiaoyi,Her dream is to be a reporter,This year, it has been confirmed that the National People’s University is recommended to study journalism。Her sophomore year,I hope that after she comes to the capital,Able to follow a responsible old reporter of the central media for a period of time,In-depth understanding of the job,On the one hand, you can accumulate some experience before officially entering the study,On the other hand, you can determine whether you are suitable for this industry before choosing a major,If it doesn’t suit,She still has time to choose other majors。”
“If Director Tan can help arrange,It’s okay to record one episode。If not,Don’t hide,Recent projects in the laboratory are actually very important,Set aside a few hours for this kind of show,I don’t think it’s worth it。”