Yao Chunni’s face changed and said:“I know what you want to say,I’m afraid the villagers gossiping。Just say go!Anyway, the mouth is on someone else’s mouth,We can’t control。As long as we live and be happy,What are you doing?”Yao Chunni finished,Angrily holding the dishes and entering the kitchen。

“I said if the people in your village are full,Look at how poor the teachers are,And chew the roots of other people’s tongues?What can I do in broad daylight?”Wang Youcai said,Stood up pretending to be angry。
Li Lanhua said with a awkward smile:“Nothing,You go!I just said casually”
Wang Youcai saw that Li Lanhua had already made concessions in this matter.,This makes him secretly happy。It seems that he has slowly gained a place in this family。
Just when Wang Youcai was about to enter the house,Li Lanhua suddenly asked,She smiled and said:“Xiao Wang!The villagers said you went to the city last night,Only said a word,The boss of the site let go,Why are you so good?”
“Humph!My friends in Pingdu are all over black and white,If anyone dares to do it right with me,I just need a phone,He has to disappear from this world”Wang Youcai deliberately said that he was terrible。
Li Lanhua,My face changed。She never expected,Such a character came into my home,Seems to want him to go out,I’m afraid she’s not the one to say。
Seeing Li Lanhua a little scared of him,Wang Youcai added another sentence:“Don’t be afraid,Who in your village dares to talk nonsense?,You just need to remember the name,I will let someone clean her up。People want to chop her leg,I will never let anyone cut her hand”Wang Youcai called himself a murderer。
Long stay in the mountains,I have barely seen Li Lanhua in the world,I was scared by Wang Youcai’s words。She stuttered:“Nothing,The people in our village are very nice”He turned around and went back to the room honestly.。
Wang Youcai saw it,Can’t help but smile。He really didn’t expect,The people in this village are so blocked,No doubt about what he said。Now it is a legal society,He Wang Youcai doesn’t have this ability。
Lie on the kang for a while,Wang Youcai listened to Yao Chunni coming out of the kitchen back to the room,He looked at the watch and waited for half an hour,So he stood in the yard and yelled deliberately:“we are leaving!”
Yao Chunni heard the sound and walked out,She tied her hair in a bunch and threw it behind her head,Look younger again。Although her new clothes are very old fashioned,But it suits her plump body。Wang Youcai took a look,He quickly turned around and walked out the gate,Because he found Li Lanhua was peeking out from the half-open window。
The mountain washed by heavy rain,Looks clean and cool。Especially the dazzling light on the green leaves,What other unknown birds are flying around,It makes people feel like being in a picture of nature。
When I first left the village,Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni kept a considerable distance,They are afraid of bumping into their acquaintances in the village,。After waiting for the small mountain beam behind the village,The two naturally narrowed the distance。
“What are you doing?It’s a bit incomprehensible”Yao Chunni asked Wang Youcai who was walking in front of her in a low voice。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Don’t ask,I won’t hurt you anyway。How about this!I give you any,Come down and ask about the family members who are near the intersection of the village,To see if they rent?”
“what!You really want to rent land!You can’t farm,Why rent so much?”Yao Chunni listened,A little worried。After all, she is just a very ordinary woman in the village,Naturally, she couldn’t understand Wang Youcai’s calculations。
Wang Youcai looked at the mang mountain and said:“Just leave it alone,Just tell them,I will rent the seeds for a long time,At least ten years,More than 20 years is fine”
“it is good!I’ll call you when I go back this afternoon,But what I want to tell you is which piece of land at the entrance of the village,Looking flat,Close to the intersection,But it’s not good to grow crops here,Grow nothing long,Can only plant trees”Yao Chunni explained to Wang Youcai very well。
When Wang Youcai heard Yao Chunni say that trees can be planted here,His heart suddenly opened up。Think of which piece of Yang Huai Lin in Xiping was sold by him,The profit in this is really impressive。Not to mention it’s just a locust tree,If you choose some wood,,If you plant a tree with a short maturity period…