Done this,Xia Jian thought about it for a while,Start to act。He wants to take a taxi to the neighboring city,And then take a train from the neighboring city。Wu Qian may not know this trick,Even if I know,She can’t prevent。

Hurriedly went downstairs and left the room,Xia Jian just walked out of the hotel carrying his bag,A few men in black trench coats approached,When they walked to Xia Jian,Suddenly flashed away。
From behind these people,Out of a big black mirror,Woman wearing a dark green coat。The corner of the woman’s mouth moved slightly:“Xia Jian!Do you want to hide?”
Xia Jian was surprised,Isn’t this Wu Qian??It seems that he still underestimated the ability of this woman。
Things have reached this point,It doesn’t make much sense to even want to run,It seems that this problem can only be solved completely,The hurdle in front of you can pass。
“Sister Wu!I am not hiding from you,Not afraid of you。I just don’t want to intensify the conflict,After all, we are a family”There is no way to go,Xia Jian is not afraid anymore,He said loudly。
Wu Qian’s little lipstick slightly moved and said:“Xia Jian!I know you are not afraid of me,Otherwise you won’t do it。You can’t leave today,So let’s talk”
“Sister Wu really misunderstood,I didn’t plan to leave。If you want to go,I’m afraid I’m already on the plane by now”Xia Jian said with a smile,He looks extremely relaxed。
Sister Wu,Sneered:“No way!”
“This is my identification,You go here to check”Xia Jian said,I really gave my ID to a man in a black coat。
Which man took the ID card from Xia Jian,After a glance, Wu Qian really trot to the front desk of the hotel。After a while he ran back。He whispered to Wu Qian:“Sister Wu!He really didn’t book a plane ticket”
Xia Jian heard this man say,I feel a little lucky,Fortunately, he has refunded the plane ticket just now,Otherwise, Wu Qian will really look down on him。
Wu Qian walked in front of Xia Jian,Stuffed his ID into the pocket of his coat,Then gently pulled Xia Jian’s hand and said:“Let’s go!Sister Wu invites you to dinner at noon”that’s it,Xia Jian was pulled by Wu Qian,Got on a commercial car on the side of the road without any resistance。