“This bone,It’s definitely the bones of animals that are not in the country,Believe it or not?”He pointed to a bone craft,Can’t help but dare。

Hu Yang took a look,I didn’t continue to slap my face this time,Nodded:“Zebra bones,It’s not a domestic species。”
“But the zoo still has。”Ran Ran and Xiaoxiao really don’t give face。
Ou Quan surprised,How did this guy know it’s a zebra bone?If he hadn’t told his cousin,,It’s impossible for him to know。These bones,Aren’t they all the same??
“And this snake skin,Pretty?”Ou Quan show off。
This snake skin belt,It’s the more expensive one here,More than ten thousand yuan。
“Then you don’t know,This snake is a protected animal,Is this illegal?”Hu Yang asked suddenly。
this time,Ou Quan dare not speak anymore。he does not know,This thing is to protect animals!Cousin didn’t explain。and,in Africa,Are many animals protected by law,Who knows!
His cousin,In fact, the master who graduated from high school,Expect him to understand the law?
but,Since it was discovered now,You have to pay attention later。Maybe,Was found by customs one day,That’s a big deal。
By the time,I’m afraid the money for selling is not enough。
Seeing Ou Quan was speechless by Brother Hu,Everyone feels happy,this time,Dare not speak anymore?