Regularly eat black beans beauty and anti-constipation


Regular Black Bean Beauty and Anti-constipation

Black beans, also known as black beans.

Rich in protein, minerals and trace elements.

TCM believes that black beans are sweet, flat and non-toxic.

It has the effect of clearing heat, nourishing blood and replenishing liver, nourishing kidney and strengthening yin, and nourishing free radicals.

Li Shizhen said: “Black beans have many effects on entering the kidneys, so they can treat water, relieve bloating, get rid of qi, cure wind and heat and promote blood circulation and detoxification.

“The five major functions of black beans are as follows: First, the protein content of high protein and low content black beans is as high as 36% -40%, which is equivalent to 2 times the meat content, 3 times the egg content, and 12 times the milk content.

Black beans are rich in amino acids, especially the 8 amino acids necessary for the human body.

  Black beans contain 19% oils and fats, of which 80% is the highest limit fatty acid, and the absorption rate is over 95%. In addition to meeting the human body’s requirements for feces, it also reduces cholesterol in the blood.

  Diabetes is the culprit of many senile diseases. Black beans exclude cholesterol and contain only one plant sterol, which can inhibit the body’s absorption and metabolism and reduce the lipid content in the blood.

  Second, enhance the vitality of beans is the valley of the kidney, black belongs to water, water kidney, so black beans have more kidney function.

Human aging often starts with kidney function. To get rid of disease and prolong life, prevent aging, resist aging, and enhance vitality, we must know the kidney.

   Third, prevent the brain from aging. Black beans contain about two percent of the yolks, can strengthen the brain and puzzle, prevent the brain from dulling due to aging.

Japanese scientists have discovered that black beans also have something that enhances the function of strengthened brain cells.

  Black beans are rich in trace elements. Each hundred grams of black beans contains 370 millimeters of calcium, 577 milligrams of phosphorus, and 12 milligrams of iron. Others include zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and fluorine.Not low.

These elements can meet the needs of the brain and delay the aging of the brain.

Can reduce blood viscosity and maintain physical integrity.

  Fourth, make the appearance beautiful. Many important pharmacopoeia in ancient times recorded that black beans can stay in the face, eyesight, black hair, make the skin white and temporarily tender; the Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo, once wrote about the inside and outside of the Jingliang palace in Beijing at that time, the girl made the appearance beautifulTake the landscape of black beans.

  Why does black beans help make your appearance beautiful?

Because black beans are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E and B vitamins, which contains more vitamin E than meat?
Seven times, Vitamin E is the best nutrient element that people find to maintain bloom and extend life.
  Fifth, to prevent constipation, the content of crude fiber in black beans reaches 4%, which is much more than soybeans.

Crude cellulose has a good laxative effect, and constipation is a common problem. Modern people have too much diet and pay attention to fine, so that the absorption of crude cellulose is too small, which increases the accommodation and is prone to constipation.

  Eating black beans every day and increasing crude cellulose can effectively prevent constipation.