Should parents beat their children?

Should parents beat their children?

Regarding the question of “should hit a child”, I think it is feasible to do it occasionally when necessary.

Of course, I also want to give you a few tips when hitting children.

  First, the method of “beating” must be considered when the child has made mistakes and used all the reasons, and remember not to replace it, otherwise the skinning will not work.

  Second, you must master the size of the child, pay attention to the severity and location, hit the skin and have a certain pain, you must not overdo it, not to use a leather whip, most of them to prevent accidental injury.

When you have to fight, you can hit the palms of your hands or pat your hips a few times. It is not only painless, but also safer.

  Third, both parents must cooperate tacitly, do not protect one by one, nor do both of them be sturdy, otherwise the child will feel that the parents do not love him, and at least one who understands and understands the child will be enlightenedWrong behavior.

  In short, for the child’s future, it is good to let him suffer a bit of flesh.