Drinking herbal tea correctly can raise your face

Drinking herbal tea correctly can raise your face

I don’t know when it’s time, flowers and tea bloom everywhere, everywhere, the entrance to the mall, the small counter in the supermarket, and so on.

And the effects of various herbal teas are described as more fascinating, so what kind of herbal tea can be paired together?

  In fact, the existence of herbal tea has stricter norms. It must be scientifically selected according to the nature of flowers and plants and its own constitution. Different herbal teas have different attributes. People with hot physique should choose slightly cold flowers and plants.People with cold constitutions are suitable for warm flowers and grasses, and most people can choose them.

  Because each herbal tea contains its own characteristics, the combination of different sexual tastes is likely to cause discomfort to the human body, and it is easy to produce substances harmful to the body, and even produce toxicity. In severe cases, it may cause palpitation, dizziness and other adverse reactions.

  Therefore, when pairing with herbal tea, it is best to purchase it rationally with the intervention of experienced Chinese medicine practitioners.

  In addition, the more varieties of flower tea, the more effective, but the possibility of adverse effects on the body.

Therefore, in addition to the flowers and tea can not be messed up, it is not appropriate to take more, but also can not just “mix and match”, do not want to mix and match.

For the sake of safety, I am here to introduce you to the “mix and match” method of herbal tea science recommended by several experts.

  1, rose + scorpion + Chrysanthemum: can regulate endocrine, eliminate fatigue.

  2, rosemary + verbena + lemongrass: decomposition of feces, diuretic, swelling and dehumidification, slimming legs, potential for the lower body potential.

  3, rose + reduced fat flower + jujube honey: can eliminate excess oil in the body, so the body is slim.

  4, reduced fat flower + verbena + seven-leaf gallbladder: clear blood fat, slimming and fat loss.

  5, rose + jasmine: beauty beauty, nourishing function on the liver and stomach, but also ease tension.

  Dietitian Tips: Please go to the manufacturer or other agents to buy herbal tea.

  Herbal tea can’t be brewed with boiling water. Apply boiling water around 90 degrees. I recommend dumping the first tea, then brewing.