This is a bit similar to Tongtian Wufa。

You can make a trim under combustion potential,Tongtian。
Under the transformation of the idea,Summer more seriously study and deduction。
Seven days later,He is separated from the mind,And pushed a detailed idea。
I looked at the Yafu who was sitting there.,I thought about it in summer.,Still decided to wake her。
“elder brother?”
Yaffe opens the eyes,Brief,Standing now summer。
“Yushu you stay,You can go to you at any time。”Summer laughing,“Now I am going to arrange a array。”
Yafuyi,Take the bright,“Just before you said,Do you want to fold the array??”
“more or less。”
Summer has not explained in detail,Shiver,From the respected space,Take out the nine ash puff。
He,Improviate a flame of black and ink。
Immediately control the nine ancient jade,Throw into the flame。
Yafu is shocked,“elder brother,These ancient jade is bought in the distribution center that day.,Are you not used to refine?。”
Summer hands,Condensation,Laugh,“How much jade essence is used for refining character,There are still nine ancient jade。”
Speech,Nine ancient jade is in the quench of the original fire,Emit,Soon very fast。
The impurities within it constantly quench。
Just for a moment,Quickly refine the inner jade essence。
Getting a nine group only a liquid of a baby fist。
During this period,Yafu is looking at the eyes from beginning to end.。
Even more than once, I have seen it with the original fire.。
But every time,This group of black flames,Summer,Let Yafei dazzle fan。
She can’t help but ask,“elder brother,Are you not a quaternary?,What do you do with pure jade essence?,Is it necessary to refine the words。”
Summer shaking head。
To furnrate space fold、Multi-dimensional array,It’s too high。
Summer strength,Fundamental。
He can only use jade simple array template,Try to locate。
Means of,In one space,Place all nodes out。
so,He needs a tool to carry。
Briefly,It is what he wants to refine a tool template.。
Purified jade essence,Still being continuously purified by the original fire,Excellence。
At the end,It became a droplet droplets like a water,Rotate and integrate together。
“This is too pure.……”
Yafu can’t hold it。
If you don’t understand the refiner,See this scene,I feel very simple。
It seems to be purified with flames.。