Rayling a white suit,Elegant temperament,Skiped the delicious and gorgeous,He looked at it.,Play a taste:“Miss Miss,How do you stay in hospital??”

He came to see Lantan,When passing this ward,But suddenly saw Le Yu。
Le Yu is glanced at him.,Hoe:“Can I not have a disease??”
Lei Ling looked at her tone is not good,Not more than:“Miss Miss,Where is it uncomfortable??”
Le Yu walks to sit in the hospital bed,Looking at her,“I am fine.?
But how can you come here?,Are you coming to think??”
The woman is escaping.,Is it necessary to escape??
This Rayling looks at the warmth of the jade,Temperament,Look at it,Really good,The two are almost the same age,There are many common languages,What are you run??
I like it together.!Rayling nodded,“It’s coming to find her.,By the way, look at Blue Xin。”
Le Yu is looking at him,“Relling,Are you thinking at first sight??”
“hehe”Rayling suddenly laughed,The meaning of the laughter is mixed,Let Le Yu are some don’t understand。
Le Yu is a little doubtful to see him,Is it a laugh now??
She needs to determine his heart,But there is a little life waiting for him??
Lei Ling slightly low,The smile is still in the lips,“Miss Miss,What is the love at first?,Some is just a suitable person in the opportunity.。”
Le Yu is chasing:“so,Does thinking about what you encounter??”
Lei Ling is awkward,Smile converges a few points,Head, he lowered him,Let Le Yu’s unclear emotions on his face。
He nodded without escaping.,The woman escaped the next day.,He did not hurry,Just to give her some time to think about something。
but,Half a month passed,Between two people,No more intersection,Just like each other disappears in the life of each other.。
After the woman came back, I would never contact him.,He also seems to force a gas.。
Obviously she fled,Can you contact him when you actively??
The days have passed every day.,In the end, I can’t help but run.。
after all,It’s myself.。
Sunshine and breeze,Never eccentric,Everyone can do equal dreams,Strive to go to yourself。
People’s heart always settled for a while,Squiring yourself,I know what I have to do.,What is I really want to have?,Once there is a result,It will be like a flower in my heart.。
Le Yu smiles,“Relling,You can’t afford to,Save your son。”
Le Yu is moving towards his vertical thumb。
Relling:“”What is your son?,And where he is coming。
“Le Yu,Do you joking??”
Lei Ling smiled。
Le Yu is a smile looks at him.,“no,Never kidding,I have already said this so much.,If you don’t understand,I can’t help you.。”
As long as they are in love,Children have a father,No need to be like Xiao Jun,Experience some bad things,Become a childhood shadow。
Lei Ling is slightly eyebrow looking at her,I always feel that she tells me what she said.?
But he doesn’t understand what it is.?