Lu Hao is not allowed to reject,Focus on her,I haven’t seen Lin Zikai three in the whole process.。

And his gentle expression and gentle sound,Let everyone are stupid,Is this really legendary Lu Haozheng??
In the moment of Lu Hao Cheng and Lin Ziwei,Lin Ziwei can’t help but call it.,Today’s Lu Hao,Dark manual suit,Strong domineering temperament,Make people feel more than fans。
Lu Hao achieved as not as heard,Take the Blue Xinyi Road。
Lin Ziwei, who has not been ignored, looking at Lu Hao Cheng’s back.,What is said,The two are partnerships,Lu Haocheng actually turned his face and did not recognize people.。
“Blue Xin this little man,Don’t she say that there is no relationship with Lu Haochong??
This is only a few days.,She became the unmarried wife of Lu Haozheng.?”
Lin Zikang anger does not appear。
Yan Yao Jing Wei Wei,Looking at Lin Zikai,Not talking。
Gu Anan is a back of Blue Xin.,Even if she doesn’t look back at home??
There is Lu Hao Cheng all the way to escort her.,Blue Xin is like a very moist。
no,She must speed up the speed,Can’t wait。
Blue Xin’s identity,Lu Haochong will expose a day later.,She will let Lantin return to Gu Jia,Everything in Blue Xin,I have already mastered in her hands.,So she can rest assured。
Su Sei Ming took two men to Lin Zikai.。
A black shadow,Lin Zikhang is lifting,Looking at Su Seiming Three。
She asked her:“What do you want to do??”
Su Seiming looked at the foot of Lin Zikai,Slight sigh,They are old distressed by their women,He also distressed,Although he does not approve them together,But their bodies like,He can’t fight。
Su Seiming cold channel:“Miss Lin,Go to our room.。”
Lin Zikai knows that they are not good.,She took a step back,Voice high:“Go to the private room?
What do you want to do??”
Gu Anan also embarked on it.,Looking at Su Sei Ming,Look soft,“Boast,What are you doing??”
Gu Anan looked at Lin Zikai,Finding is full of worry,Such scene,She has seen,once,A small star of the 18th line,I want to get the spokesperson of the Luke Group,I don’t try to seduce Lu Haozheng.,result,Just hit Lu Hao Cheng’s corner,It was taken by Lu Haocheng to take Sus Shengming away.,Later,That woman,Blocked,There have never appeared in the field of view in the audience.。
Lu Haocheng is very angry,Come into this extreme thing。
Just now,When Lin Ziwa deliberately tripped Blue Xin,Did it be seen by her??
Su Shengming looked at Gu Ai’an,No wire temperature:“Take your own thing,Don’t worry about others,Brain and pigs are as simple as,The character is the same as the white lotus.,I don’t touch it.,I’m talking to a dog all day.,Upper and lower,I will tell the passerby, I am a white lotus.。”
Gu Anan was changed by Su Shengming.,Her face is swollen,The old anger is like a volcano hair。
I don’t know how I am so unlucky recently.,In front of these people,She just said a word,Will be broken by the other party。
Lan Xin,Lu Hao Cheng,Her mother is so,Two brothers are so,Su Sei Ming is also like this。
“Su Sei Ming,Don’t be too much?
I am also a daughter of Gu Jia.,I know that you can’t see me.,But you can’t insult me like this.。”
Gu Ai’an language,It is an angry that can’t be suppressed,The heart is more faint。