It seems that I heard the sound of Xu Deer,Not far from the security ear is like a plenary,I don’t know my efforts one minute.,Two big men have already held the anti-bursting shield。

Zhou Ye, I almost fell to the flower bed.。
“do not……”He shouted loudly,“Misunderstand,Be misunderstood。”
Security to the explosion-proof shield,Look to Shu Deer。
Shu deer hilarious,Sometimes the community security is too long-lived.……
Zhou Ye looks at the explosion-proof shield,Suddenly some kidneys。
Although he practiced some scattered and taekwondo,But in front of these security guards that are obviously dinner,Can not have any confidence!
Take hobbies to challenge others’ rice bowl?
Week anterance looks at the security guards of the anti-burst.,It is also full of innocent sits.。
The material of the riot shield is usually used polycarbonous acid、PCMaterial,FRP and other lightweight materials,Generally, low-level conflicts such as group riots,Can effectively block brick tiles、stone、Stick glass bottle and other objects blow and sprint。
Picking up the explosion-proof shield This will not be different from the fight.。
Zhou Ye, I pointed to the explosion-proof shield:“Big brother,Hurry to take these clothes away.,I just came to eat a hot pot.。”
Looking at Shu Lu and Zhou Antelope,Security also knows that you have a lot of things.,Smile。
“Miss Miss、Miss Miss,I’m so sorry,Scared your friends。”The security guard is very piously apologized.。
“See you still dare to sin, I don’t?The fork in our community is not vegetarian。”Shu Lu proudly。
Zhou Ye is thoroughly recognized。
It is said that some security guards are energized,If you are inserted,The acid is cool, I can’t imagine.!
“Did you smell??”Sudu suddenly sniffed the noseway。
So a reminder,Zhou Ye also smelled a strong meat flavor。
He stood,Micro moving head,Looking down at your lower limbs。
Um,Confirm that steel fork without power is……
Electro-withdraws are not from themselves,Where is it??
Zhou Ante antelope sweet voice is like a wind chime:“It is a hot pot.。”
She pointed at a small villa in the distance:“That is the hot pot shop opened by a owner’s grandmother in our community.。”
Zhou Ye I saw a villa in dozens of meters. It seems that it is very lively.,I have dinner in the open air.,Steam。
The emperor of the night is also the light of the light.,No matter where you can see very clear。
“This old lady can really have fun,Actually a hot pot in such a high-end community。”Zhou Ye, I feel that the life of rich people is really interesting.,Taste is also different from ordinary people。
Like Zhou Jiwu and Chen Yingwang this Vangee,The most common thing at home is the glory of the king.。
What is the old lady,Directly opened a hot pot shop at home as a hobby。
Shu Lu smiled:“After the husband of Wang’s grandmother left,Leave her a few billion legacy,But the grandmother has no son daughter.,So, I opened a hot pot restaurant.,This can also chat with people in the community.。”
Sure enough, there is also their own difficulties.。
Zhou Ye can’t help but sorry.。
“Then you have a good evening.,I invite guests!”Although Zhou Ye has already started to start it on Alipay.,But still swollen face fat。
at this time,Shu Ruhe laughed。
“Leave your money,Our grandmother opened the shop never pays money.,When I am walking, I will help it clean up.,Wash the bowl, just。”Shu Lu said slowly。
Really a person worth a few billion,What do you want to do this?,And there is no childhood,What is the money??
Zhou Ye 揉 揉 揉,Some smile:“Then I will ask you a meal.。”