Li Hui also looked very seriously.。

For your own China,He is very feeling,Very belonging。
“I didn’t expect that Li’s brother has such a consciousness.,Just rush you this,I feel that this mission is also worth you go.。”
Li Hui Feng originally thought that Dawn is just a way.。
But listened to the other party,It seems that there is a task。
This makes him some speechless。
But the words have been said.,He can only recognize it.。
“Li big brother,Is there any task? Can you reveal in advance?。”
“This time later,But you can rest assured,The task is not letting you go to the Kyaki under the fire sea。”
Although there is a guarantee of the Dawn,But my heart is still there.。
soon,Li Hui also found problems。
Wang Yong and Zheng Dashan’s team seem to be。
“Li big brother,Where is the wolf team??
Not a holiday??”
“Um,They have an emergency task to go to the peacekeep。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng also didn’t ask more。
Say,The two also came to the office of Li Wanguo。
“Haha Xiaoli,You can be coming.,I can wait for you for a long time.,You don’t come again,I am going to ask you.。”
“Hey-hey,commander,I am here, thank you for your last time.。”
Li Wan Guo listened to this,Also knowing that Li Hui’s hard work has killed so many people.。
I immediately laughed:“Mean,We are all people,And those people are dead.,I personally let people go verified.,The innocent life in those hands can be a lot,Such social locust,It should be removed early.,You did very well。”
Li Hui has not surprised to Li Wan Guo,After all, such a big thing is impossible to solve a sentence.,It is definitely to investigate。
“Hey-hey,But there is no order for your help.,I am afraid it is now inside.。”
“okay,Don’t say this.,I was still thinking about who I was thinking about this.,Since you come,I feel you.。”
Although Li Hui Feng knows that there is a task,But I don’t know what mission.,And I feel that Li Wanguo seems to pay attention to this task.,The same is also very cautious。
“Forehead,What task?
Said time?”
Li Hui Hui really wants to say that he is actually very busy.,But thinking about the country’s big things to compare,The things that yourself are simply in the absence of it.。
“Border drug problem,Addiction。”
One heard this,Li Xiangxiao understood。
“I don’t know what this main task is?”
“rescue,It is a young man in the wolf group being caught.,Our mission is to rescue。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect it to be arrested or the wolf tooth group。
But thinking that the wolf is not a group,And there will be a selection every year。
His heart feels that it should be the batch of it.。
“Forehead,Do I know this rescued person??”
“Um,Is the five members you used to train,This time I originally wanted him to go to peace.,However, the same border is missing,Just, I also want to practice him.,After all, I don’t experience the fire and burn.,I didn’t expect him to go later.,I met the enemy。”
Li Wan Guo said,Li Hui is also a little curious.。
“What kind of enemy?”